Arrogant Consort Adored By War Prince [Chapter 11]



Yu Zisu rolled her eyes at the Third Prince and did not want to continue conversing with him.

Looking at how conceited Ye Chongxu was, she felt disgusted.

She really could not understand why anyone would think of the Third Prince as one of the three gentlemen in the capital.

Was it purely because of his status?

Or his barely passable face?

But his face couldn’t be deemed good-looking…

Yu Zisu suddenly recalled that man she had run into that night.

She could not help but compare that man and Ye Chongxu. 

She then realized that Ye Chongxu completely paled in comparison.

Yu Zisu glanced at Ye Chongxu before leaving just like that.

Her calm and composed expression made it seem like she really did not care about the Third Prince anymore.

However, that was just what the other people thought. Ye Chongxu, on the other hand, had a different opinion.

Even if Yu Zisu’s actions and behaviour were different from normal, he believed that she did it to attract his attention.

Veins popped up on Ye Chongxu’s arms as he snorted. He then glared at the surrounding onlookers with a threatening gaze before flicking his sleeves and leaving angrily.

After returning to her residence, Yu Zisu was preparing to lay down to rest. But before she had the chance to rest properly, someone arrived to deliver a message.

The servant said that Old Madam Yu was looking for her and told her to head to the Wu Residence.

Yu Zisu pondered for a moment after hearing the message and thought that it might be because of Ah Yu’s matter.

She then carefully recalled the kind of person Old Madam Yu was.

Frankly speaking, Old Madam Yu had not done anything bad to her before, she just hated Yu Zisu’s mother.

Therefore, she also selectively ignored Yu Zisu, her granddaughter, and did not show much concern to her.

Yu Zisu told Bi Xi, “Let Sister Wei Zi wait for a moment, I’ll leave once I wash up.”

“Understood.” Bi Xi left the room after hearing Yu Zisu’s words and relayed her words to Wei Zi, who was waiting outside.

Wei Zi’s eyes shone once she heard it.

Looking at Wei Zi’s strange expression, Bi Xi instantly knew what she was thinking.

Not to mention Wei Zi, even Bi Xi herself was curious about Young Miss’s changes.

If it was in the past, Young Miss would definitely have found excuses to decline and let Bi Xi or Ah Yu relay it to Wei Zi.

Wei Zi would then let Bi Xi or Ah Yu go and persuade Young Miss.

After multiple such exchanges, Young Miss would then finally head towards the Wu Residence.

Then, Young Miss would be reprimanded by the Old Madam every time she was late.

As a result, Young Miss became even more unwilling to go to the Wu Residence, she would be intimated simply by the mention of Wu Residence.

Who knew that today, Yu Zisu would agree to it immediately.

After a short while, Yu Zisu came out after packing her stuff.

She could not help but nod her head when she saw that Wei Zi was still waiting outside respectfully.

As expected of the servant girl serving the Old Madam, she is indeed a sensible one.

If this Old Madam was a reasonable person, she might consider relying on the Old Madam to help her in the future.

“Let’s go.” Yu Zisu did not care that the two maidservants were still stunned and directly walked forward.

Wei Zi and Bi Xi were shocked for a moment, but they hurriedly followed behind her afterward.

Once they neared the hall of the Wu Residence, they heard happy laughter and cheerful voices.

Yu Zisu frowned unconsciously once she saw Ru Lan, who served Madam Lian.

“Zisu greet grandmother.” Yu Zisu paid her respects to the Old Madam once she entered the hall.

However, she could only hear the laughter of Yu Wanrou. Looks like Old Madam Yu really adores Yu Wanrou.

Yu Wanrou batted her eyes mischievously and shook the white jade hairpin on her hair.

She then said to Madam Lian, “Mother, look at how beautiful this hairpin that grandmother has gifted me is!”

Madam Lian smiled and replied, “Wanrou, hurry and thank your grandmother.”
“Thank you grandmother, I really love this hairpin that grandmother has gifted me, I’ll definitely take good care of it!” Yu Wanrou said, reacting quickly to her mother’s words.

The mother and daughter pair had pleased Old Madam Yu with their words and she was all smiles.

Old Madam Yu said with a smile, “Wanrou’s skin is fair so such a hairpin is most suitable for her.”

The three of them had simultaneously intentionally ignored Yu Zisu, who was still bowing, as if they did not see her at all.

Looks like she’s asserting dominance, Yu Zisu thought to herself.

It was fortunate that she had already told Bi Xi to look for that father of hers already.

If not, there was no saying just what kind of torture she might have to endure.

Old Madam Yu pretended not to see her and Yu Zisu also kept quiet.

Yu Wanrou and Madam Lian earnestly wished for Yu Zisu to stay like that, with her knees bent, for the whole night.

Madam Lian was different from Yu Wanrou, she was cunning so she saw that it was about time and she wanted to hint at Yu Wanrou for her to remind Old Madam Yu.

At that moment, sounds could be heard coming from the outside.

Just as everyone was curious, Chancellor Yu opened the curtain to the hall and walked in with big strides.

As expected, Chancellor Yu saw Yu Zisu, who was trembling in the center of the hall and looking like she was almost about to fall.

Meanwhile, Yu Wanrou was sitting on top and talking to Old Madam Yu while holding a white jade hairpin. It was as if she did not see the scene beneath her.

Chancellor Yu could feel his heart turn cold.

Just what had his Zisu endured in this Chancellor Manor?

Old Madam Yu saw that her son, Chancellor Yu, had suddenly barged in and was staring at Yu Zisu.

She was dissatisfied so she asked indifferently, “Shaojun, why are you here?”

Chancellor Yu coughed and replied, “I heard that mother was still awake so I came to greet mother.”

“Mother, what mistake has Zisu committed that she has to keep bowing?”

Just as Old Madam Yu was about to speak, Yu Zisu spoke first, “Father, you have misunderstood, I have only just arrived.”

She quickly glanced at Madam Lian. Old Madam Yu did not see it, Yu Wanrou and Madam Lian did not notice either, but Chancellor Yu had seen that action of hers.

Chancellor Yu could basically conclude that it was Madam Lian’s fault again so his face instantly darkened.

Old Madam Yu had never expected Yu Zisu to say such a thing.

Yu Zisu did not complain to Chancellor Yu but instead, helped her to cover up, hence she was less dissatisfied with Yu Zisu.

She’s also the Yu Family’s child so she should be as kind as Wanrou.

After hearing Yu Zisu’s words, Madam Lian secretly thought to herself, not good.

She secretly glanced at Old Madam Yu. Seeing Old Madam Yu nod in satisfaction, Madam Lian instantly thought that the situation had turned even more unfavorable.

She had originally thought that Yu Zisu would have complained to Chancellor Yu.

If so, she would have then added oil to the fire and let Old Madam Yu completely hate Yu Zisu.

She had never expected Yu Zisu to actually be so clever.

Yu Ranrou smiled gently and said, “It’s all my fault, I was talking about the hairpin with Old Madam just now and did not notice Sister, why didn’t Sister mention that you have arrived?”

Chancellor Yu glanced at Yu Zisu in doubt, could it be that Zisu had put on a show for me to see?

Yu Zisu instantly sensed that doubtful gaze from Chancellor Yu and could not help but sigh.

She really suspected if her father truly loved her mother!

Yu Zisu lowered her head and said, “Zisu saw that grandmother, Madam Lian, and sister were talking happily so I did not dare to disturb.”

No one knew just how cold Yu Zisu’s smile was with her head lowered.

If it was not for the fact that she had yet to recover her fighting abilities and still did not have any power in her hands, why would she use such a roundabout way!

Old Madam Yu was even more satisfied after hearing Yu Zisu’s words.

She said, “Stand up, you should come to visit me more frequently in the future. I have aged so I hope that this Wu Residence will be more lively.”

Yu Zisu stopped squatting and stood up once she heard Old Madam Yu’s words.

However, as she had been squatting for too long, she nearly fell to the ground.

It was good that Bi Xi reacted quickly and supported her.

Chancellor Yu then knew that Yu Zisu had lied to prevent Old Madam Yu from being awkward.

Chancellor Yu could not help but cherish her and felt guilty for actually doubting her just now.

Madam Lian discovered that the situation was getting more and more out of her control.

She bit her lips and said, “First Young Miss, do you know why the Old Madam has called you over?”

Yu Zisu did not speak, she was waiting for Old Madam Yu’s reaction.

Chancellor  Yu frowned once he heard Madam Lian’s words and looked at Madam Lian with dissatisfaction.

Yu Wanrou instantly understood her mother’s intentions once she heard her words.

She said delicately, “Sister, hurry and admit your mistake to grandmother. Grandmother adores us so if sister admits your mistake, grandmother will definitely forgive us!”

Yu Zisu smiled faintly, the both of them wanted to set in stone the fact that she had made a mistake.

“What is Wanrou saying?” Yu Zisu looked towards Yu Wanrou in confusion.

She then looked in the direction of Old Madam Yu while pretending to be deep in thought.

Yu Zisu pondered for a moment before seriously speaking, “Grandmother, I don’t know what mistake I have made, may I know the reason grandmother called me over?”

Yu Zisu ignored Madam Lian but she had also seen Madam Lian’s face darken. 

Old Madam Yu finally discovered that her granddaughter was different from usual.

Not only was Yu Zisu not afraid of her anymore, but she was also even answering Madam Lian’s questions properly, not kicking up a great fuss.

Although she still looked timid, she was much better than before.

Old Madam Yu felt that Yu Zisu had shown quite a good performance today so her tone had turned softer.

She sat on top and asked expressionlessly, “Zisu, do you really not know why I have called you over today?”

“I don’t know.” Yu Zisu shook her head.

Old Madam Lian then asked, “I heard that you punished your maidservant, Ah Yu?”


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