Arrogant Consort Adored By War Prince [Chapter 15]



Yu Zisu took the sock from her shoe and put it into Yu Wanxin’s mouth in the blink of an eye. She then suddenly twisted Yu Wanxin’s face towards her and slapped her twice while the remaining few people were completely stunned.

Only when Yu Wanxin felt the pain on her face did she react, but before she could shout out loud, she suddenly felt a sharp pain in her back and felt as if she was about to die. She had no idea just what Yu Zisu had done.

Afterward, her waist and wrists also started hurting painfully.

“Mhmmm… Mhmmm…” Yu Wanxin tried to sense carefully but she could not pinpoint just where it hurt. Anyway, it was just extremely painful. She twisted her body in pain but she could not struggle free from Yu Zisu’s grip.

She’s a devil! She’s a devil! Unknowingly, Yu Zisu had already let go of Yu Wanxin. Yu Wanxin pointed at Yu Zisu in terror, shivering in fear. She was so afraid that she could not speak, even forgetting to take out the sock in her mouth.

The foul smell of urine spread in the air and Yu Wanxin had actually been so scared that she peed.

Yu Zisu was not nicknamed the “Living Queen of Hell” for nothing, she emitted a fearsome aura and sneered. “Scram!”

Yu Wanxin then regained her consciousness. She trembled as she looked at Yu Zisu’s cold gaze, but she still held on firmly and said, “Yu Zisu! Wait and see! Daddy will not let you off!”

However, after she finished speaking, she immediately grabbed Zi Zhu, who was at a loss from just waking up, and left in a hurry as she was afraid that Yu Zisu might continue doing something else to her.

“Young Miss, you… what happened to…”

Zi Zhu looked at Yu Wanxin and could not help but ask in a careful manner in case Yu Wanxin was angered.

However, before she could even finish her words, Yu Wanxin slapped her and said coldly, “Damn it! Now you know how to worry about me! Where were you when that b*tch Yu Zisu was bullying me!”

“I-I…” Zi Zhu felt wronged but she did not know what to say, or it could be said that she did not even understand what had happened, not even how her Young Miss had ended up in this state!

Yu Wanxin was unconcerned about how Zi Zhu felt, she had lost face big-time today and she had even peed in front of Yu Zisu, that was the greatest humiliation.

Just as she was feeling embarrassed and infuriated, she became even more furious after seeing Zi Zhu’s reaction so she picked up the teacup on the table and splashed it at Zi Zhu, not even caring that the tea inside had just been poured!

Yu Wanxin quickly changed into another set of clothes and ordered coldly, “Let’s go! Tidy yourself up and follow me to where daddy is!

There was a reason why Yu Wanxin dared to say such words. Although she was the daughter of a concubine, Chancellor Yu loved her tenderly. It might be because she was the youngest or that she was naturally relatively likable. On the contrary, Yu Zisu was not even noticed by Chancellor Yu.

As Yu Wanxin spoke, she brought Zi Zhu, who had dealt with the bruises on her, and headed towards the study room in the front courtyard.

Within Yuxin Residence, Yu Zisu frowned as she looked at Bi Xi, who stood extremely far away from her. She ordered coldly, “Come here!”

Bi Xi had instead retreated by two steps after hearing Yu Zisu’s words. Her baby face was obviously on guard and this made Yu Zisu feel like laughing. She looks really cute!

“Ignore my words at your own peril!” Despite that, Yu Zisu would not express her feelings. She felt that Bi Xi truly needed to be properly disciplined. It was inadequate for her to be at such a level if she were to follow Yu Zisu.

Yu Zisu originally thought to return to her mother’s side of the family to request for two reliable maidservants, but she discovered that her mother did not have any other family members. She was really just a commoner with unknown birth and had to rely on herself for everything.

Bi Xi shook her head in fear and hurriedly took two steps forwards. However, her instincts urged her to move backward, it was just that she forcibly resisted that urge. “Young Miss. I-I…” Even her voice was trembling.

“Why? Do you think I’m cruel?”

Bi Xi shook her head.

“Do you think I’m frightening?”

Bi Xi nodded, then quickly shook her head again. Yu Zisu could not help but laugh softly. “Then, why are you standing so far away from me?” 

“I…” Bi Xi hesitated for a moment before speaking, “Young Miss has… changed.”

Although she was not Young Miss’ personal servant, she had stayed beside Young Miss ever since Ah Bi got punished. Naturally, she was the first to discover the change in Young Miss. She had originally thought that she was mistaken but everything that happened today proved that Young Miss had truly changed.

The timid Young Miss from the past would not dare to retaliate against that arrogant Fourth Young Miss.

“Then, do you think I’ve changed for the better or worse?” Yu Zisu smiled faintly but her eyes were cold.

She had originally thought that she had been careful enough so even if the soul had changed, as long as she changed gradually, she would not be noticed by others. However, she had never expected that she would be noticed by someone so quickly.

If this Bi Xi was unreliable, then she could only…

“No!” Bi Xi hurriedly said, “It’s better for Young Miss to be like this. Although Young Miss was also very nice in the past, Young Miss was easily bullied by Madam Lian and Second Young Miss!”

Although Bi Xi was foolish, she could still see the situation clearly. Young Miss was not well-liked in this family so if Young Miss wanted to live a better life, then Young Miss had to grow stronger so that others would not dare to bully her.

Yu Zisu smiled in gratification once she heard Bi Xi’s words. At least she didn’t disappoint me, it’s still worth it for me to protect her.

Just as Yu Zisu finished speaking to Bi Xi, another maidservant suddenly ran in from the courtyard and said, “First Young Miss, the Lord requests for your presence in the study room at the front courtyard.” That maidservant then left in a hurry before Yu Zisu could speak.

“Young Miss, it… it can’t be that Fourth Young Miss has complained to the Lord?” Bi Xi looked at Yu Zisu worriedly. “If the Lord were to blame Young Miss, then please say that it was I who had beat up Fourth Young Miss,” Bi Xi said resolutely as she gritted her teeth.

Yu Zisu was moved by Bi Xi’s words. She smiled and said, “It’s fine, let’s go. You only need to remember that this morning, it was the Fourth Young Miss who told her servant to hit you, we’re both the victims and did not do anything wrong.”

Bi Xi was confused but she knew that she would not go wrong if she listened to Young Miss. That could be seen from how Madam Lian and Second Young Miss had lost against Young Miss multiple times.

Yu Zisu changed into another set of clothes and tidied herself up before letting Bi Xi escort her to the study room of the front courtyard. Before leaving, she saw those maidservants in her courtyard whispering to each other and not doing their work and narrowed her eyes. She would deal with them after she returns.

Although there was no need for Yuxin Residence to be like an impregnable fortress, those servants could not treat her, their master, as a mere decoration.

In just 15 minutes, Yu Zisu arrived at the study room. She told Bi Xi to wait outside as she stepped forward to knock on the door of the study room.

“Is it Zisu? Enter,” Chancellor Yu said.

Yu Zisu saw Chancellor Yu looking at a booklet that was similar to a memorial when she entered. Chancellor Yu only glanced at her briefly when she entered and continued taking care of his affairs without a word.

Yu Zisu frowned, she did not understand, just what does Chancellor Yu mean? Why did his attitude change so fast as compared to that in the morning? Could it be that she had underestimated how much Chancellor Yu cared about Yu Wanxin?

Yu Zisu raised her head and asked, “May I ask, why has father called Zisu over?” No matter what, she had to play the role of a filial daughter.

Chancellor Yu only raised his head to look at Yu Zisu after hearing her speak. Although he knew that his daughter had changed in some way, this was the first time he wholeheartedly felt that his daughter had truly changed.

Not only did she become more daring and confident, but the feeling she gave off was also different too. What was so different? That’s right, it was no wonder he thought that it was so familiar! The current Zisu was very much similar to Luo’er in the past.

Even while wearing plain clothes, Luo’er’s beauty could not be covered! Chancellor Yu had always known that even if Qin Wenluo’s daughter was not a gorgeous beauty, she would be a pretty lady. Now that he had seen Yu Zisu, that, all the more, confirmed his thoughts.

“How rude! Zisu, is that how you speak to your father?” After reminiscing about Qin Wenluo, Chancellor Yu recalled how Wanxin cried as she spoke just now. That made Chancellor Yu even more unsatisfied with Yu Zisu, who was disobedient.

After seeing how obedient Yu Zisu was the past few days, he had originally thought that Madam Lian’s words of Yu Zisu being impertinent and refusing to listen was just Madam Lian purposely tarnishing Yu Zisu’s name in front of him. However, he had never expected Yu Zisu to have beaten Yu Wanxin up today.

Chancellor Yu could not help but feel disappointed towards Yu Zisu once he recalled how sorrowfully Yu Wanxin cried. Why was his daughter not as obedient and submissive as Luo’er, but instead, doing such outrageous and unreasonable things! He was utterly disappointed!

Yu Zisu kept quiet, she raised her head and looked straight into Chancellor Yu’s eyes without dodging nor avoiding. This stunned Chancellor Yu.

Yu Zisu could not help but smile sarcastically once she saw the disappointment in Chancellor Yu’s eyes.

Chancellor Yu felt that her expression was an eyesore so he shouted, “Why did you hit Wanxin? She’s your sister!”

Chancellor Yu stared at Yu Zisu as if he was questioning her. Seeing that Yu Zisu did not reply to him, he became even more overbearing.

“Zisu, even if you don’t like your illegitimate sister, Wanxin, the fact that she is your sister cannot be changed. You are her elder sister, so you should make a concession for your younger sister and act like a lady! Look at you, what are you doing all day!” The disappointment in Chancellor Yu’s eyes was getting more obvious as he spoke.

Yu Zisu let out a sarcastic laugh. She then glanced at Chancellor Yu and questioned in a tone that was both polite and distant, “Zisu does not understand what father means? Zisu was sleeping in her residence peacefully so how did Zisu provoke Fourth Sister? Father, Zisu does not know what Fourth Sister has told you for you to be this angry?”

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