Arrogant Consort Adored By War Prince [Chapter 14]



Yu Zisu sized up the man in front of her, her gaze was blatant and direct, her eyes were full of inquiry as she looked at him without trying to cover up at all!

“Woman, what are you looking at?”

Ye Xiuming was full of regret as he hugged the little girl in his embrace.

If he was just slightly late, just slightly, she would have been injured.

He had never expected that the little girl he ran into at Fenglian Mountain would be the First Young Miss Yu that his father had made him engaged to!

However, didn’t the rumors say that the First Young Miss of the Chancellor’s Manor was cowardly and was someone useless?

It was only because he knew about the engagement that he wanted to gain the upper hand by making a move first. Therefore, he came to the Chancellor’s Manor to create an accident where the daughter of the Chancellor’s Manor dies mysteriously.

He had never expected for the First Young Miss of the Chancellor’s Manor to be the little girl he had missed dearly!

Ye Xiuming could not help but smile and tighten his embrace.

He felt satisfied. He lowered his head and saw that pair of bright almond eyes staring at him.

Ye Xiuming could not help but ask again, “Woman, what are you looking at?”

“I’m looking at you, man!”

Yu Zisu had never expected to become spellbound while looking at him so she became wary. 

She suddenly emitted a cold aura around her, one that was different from the gentle and quiet aura before. This made Ye Xiuming surprised.

It was the aura that only those of the same kind would emit unconsciously, the aura to protect oneself!

Ye Xiuming secretly exclaimed, everyone must be blind to think that the Second Young Miss is better than the First Young Miss!

Ye Xiuming chuckled softly. He then leaped down and set Yu Zisu down. Afterward, he left without saying anything, just like how he appeared.

He arrived and disappeared suddenly so Yu Zisu could not help but frown. “What a weird person.”

But why is it that I… actually feel slightly disappointed?

Eh? It can’t be, he’s just a man that I don’t know?

Yu Zisu murmured to herself before suddenly realizing that Bi Xi, who followed behind her, was missing.

She then ran to find Bi Xi and discovered that she had fainted beside the rockery.

Yu Zisu could not help but wonder just who wanted to kill her.

If it was Madam Lian… there was no need for her to do this.

The reason being, if she were to assassinate her now, not only would Chancellor Yu be suspicious of her, others would also be able to grasp her handle easily.

But if it was Yu Wanrou… it would be even more impossible.

Yu Wanrou was indeed a scheming person but she would definitely not be able to think of such a straightforward method.

“Or could it be Ye Chongxu?”

Yu Zisu laid on the bed and thought that it might have been the Third Prince, Ye Chongxu, as she drifted to sleep.

At this moment, Yu Zisu had already forgotten the fact that after the original Zisu’s engagement was called off, she was engaged to the Seventh Prince by Emperor Jing’s decree.

“Fourth Young Miss, please wait a moment, Young Miss has not woken up yet, it’s inconvenient for her to see you now!”

“How impertinent! You are but a servant, yet you dare to stop me? Zi Zhu, stop her!”

“Fourth Young Miss, you cannot!”

“Hmph! The sun has already risen, I don’t believe that sister has yet to wake up, it must be that you’re speaking nonsense! Zi Zhu, slap her!”


“Sister, oh my! You’re really still sleeping! Such a habit is not good!” Suddenly, a sharp female voice could be heard, it was exceptionally grating to the ear.


Yu Zisu had maintained her habit from her previous life and was a light sleeper, so when she heard the commotion outside, she was about to get up to take a look.

However, she did not expect to be suddenly splashed with cold tea.

She opened her eyes to see a woman full of arrogance and dressed in luxurious clothes standing before her. Even her eyes were full of ridicule towards Yu Zisu and a charming smile was plastered on her face.

That woman looked at Yu Zisu and said, “Sister, you see, isn’t my method useful? You’re instantly awake!”

Yu Zisu secretly sized up this woman who called her sister.

That woman looked slightly taller than Yu Zisu and wore clothes of much better quality as compared to Yu Zisu.

However, she clearly remembered that this woman was simply a daughter of a concubine.

That’s right, this woman was the Fourth Young Miss of the Chancellor’s Manor. She was the child of Concubine Wen and a follower of Yu Wanrou.

She would frequently stay by Madam Lian’s side and curry favor with Madam Lian. After Madam Lian became the legal wife, even she flushed with success.

Yu Zisu sneered and flicked off the tea leaves on her. She did not change her clothes but directly got up from the bed like that.

She said, “Your way of waking someone is really unique! Where are my maidservants!”

Yu Zisu looked at her courtyard, it was actually empty.

She had originally thought that Yu Wanxin was someone capable and had set this situation up.

However, Yu Wanxin was really just someone with no brains, she simply spoke in a triumphant manner, “Hmph! Sister, those servants were afraid that you can’t protect them so they’ve hidden far away!”

Yu Wanxin was speaking about the incident in the past, where Yu Zisu had done something wrong and was punished by Madam Lian. At that time, all the servants in the residence were punished along with her.

That incident has always been Yu Zisu’s sore spot so Yu Wanxin was rubbing salt into her wound.

Only then did Yu Zisu understand that those maidservants had hidden by themselves.

However, just as she thought till here, Yu Wanxin turned around with a smile and slapped Bi Xi twice.

She smiled brightly and said, “As for this servant girl, she tried to harm me so I’ve helped sister teach her a lesson, I doubt sister would mind, right?”

Yu Zisu’s eyes turned cold as she saw how Bi Xi’s face turned red and swollen.

Although she was annoyed that Bi Xi was inflexible and insensible, it did not mean that others could bully her like that!

Essentially, Yu Zisu was very protective of her people!

Yu Zisu scoffed, “What if I say that I mind!”

For unknown reasons, Yu Wanxin was actually extremely frightened by Yu Zisu’s gaze and unwittingly took a step back.

Realizing that she had actually retreated, she could not help but be angered.

She immediately took two steps forward and slapped Yu Zisu as she taunted, “So what if you mind!”

Yu Zisu did not dodge despite noticing Yu Wanxin’s actions, she just snorted and dashed forward.

Before Yu Wanxin could even clearly see how Yu Zisu moved, she was already grabbed by the throat.

Yu Zisu’s actions shocked Yu Wanxin.

“You!” Yu Wanxin could sense that as long as Yu Zisu used a bit of force, she would most likely lose her life!

“Let go! … Let go of Young Miss!” Not only was Yu Wanxin astounded, Zi Zhu, who had been grabbing onto Bi Xi, was also stunned.

Bi Xi, on the other hand, looked at Yu Zisu in admiration.

It was good that Bi Xi was not too dumb, she quickly struggled free from Zi Zhu after Yu Zisu’s signal and hid behind Yu Zisu.

At this moment, Yu Zisu was not timid and cowardly like before.

Even though she was just dressed in simple sleepwear, others would be stunned by her brilliance.

Her murderous aura from spilling blood for so many years was suddenly emitted, exerting pressure on the few women in the room, so much so that it was difficult to even breathe.

“Yu-Yu Zisu! What are you going to do!” Yu Wanxin, who barely kept herself together, shouted.

“Haha… what am I going to do?” Yu Zisu smiled and said, “I should be asking you, fourth sister, just what did you want to do so early in the morning?”

After returning to the Chancellor’s Manor, Madam Lian had made things difficult for her, Chancellor Yu had misunderstood her, and Old Madam Yu had asserted dominance over her, there was not a moment of peace.

However, she had no power in her hands so besides using Chancellor Yu and Old Madam Yu, she could not do anything to Madam Lian currently. Thus, her anger was already all pent up.

Yu Wanxin was basically looking for death by finding trouble with Yu Zisu now.

She had asked for it so it was impossible for Yu Zisu to miss out on such a great opportunity to properly teach Yu Wanxin a lesson and vent out her anger. 

Yu Zisu sneered, then she picked up a pearl from the jewelry box. In the blink of an eye, she flicked it towards the bothersome Zi Zhu.

Zi Zhu stiffened up and fell to the ground.

Meanwhile, such a scene deepened the fear in Yu Wanxin.

Just what kind of strange ability did Yu Zisu obtain for her to be able to make Zi Zhu faint in an instant?!

“Yu Zisu… just what in the world… did you do!”

“Yu Zisu! You! Don’t act rashly, I’m your sister!” Yu Wanxin started to speak without thinking, “If you dare to injure me, daddy will not let you off! You’ll also die a horrible death!

Yu Wanxin could sense Yu Zisu’s bloodlust growing more and more, it did not seem like Yu Zisu was just playing around.

Additionally, Yu Wanxin did not have her maidservant either so she started to panic.

Yu Zisu smiled faintly, it was an evil and arrogant smile filled with coldness and indifference.

That made Yu Wanxin, who had been observing Yu Zisu’s every move, dumbstruck.

However, when Yu Wanxin saw Yu Zisu’s actions, she could not help but widen her eyes in astonishment.

Meanwhile, Yu Zisu’s actions had also made Bi Xi dumbfounded.


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