Arrogant Consort Adored By War Prince [Chapter 13]



Yu Zisu also persuaded, “That’s right grandmother, Nanny Mo is already so old, she might have overlooked this time.”

“Also, Nanny Mo did not purposely punish Zisu, it’s all for Zisu’s good.”

Yu Zisu sneered in her heart, she had secretly reminded Old Madam Yu.

Nanny Mo would even punish her, the daughter of the legal daughter and her master, who knew which master she would walk all over in the future?

Old Madam Yu placed huge importance on the rules of the manor so naturally, she would not allow servants to be this disrespectful.

Old Madam Yu said sternly, “Enough! Lian, stop pleading for Nanny Mo, she had deceived her masters so she’ll be punished according to the rules of the manor, 30 floggings.”

“Lian, you’ve failed to discipline your servants so reflect properly in your residence in the next few days. You don’t even need to come and see me!”

“I see that you’re too tired recently, you should take a rest. It’s a pity that Wanrou is so filial and had come to find me to plead for you!”

Yu Zisu only understood now, why Madam Lian could leave her residence even when she was grounded.

So it was Yu Wanrou who had come to find Old Madam Yu to plead for her mother.

“Mother, I…”

Madam Lian had never expected that Old Madam Yu would not even give a bit of face to her now after not exposing her before.

Not only did Old Madam Yu punish Nanny Mo severely, Old Madam Yu even punished her, it was like giving her a slap in the face.

In an instant, she could not help but resent Nanny Mo for acting on her own and causing such huge trouble for her.

Old Madam Lian could not help but shake her head once she saw that Madam Lian was at a loss.

She waved her hand and told Yu Wanrou, “Wanrou, help your mother to go and rest.”

Yu Wanrou bit her lips as if she was saddened.

From Old Madam Yu’s point of view, Yu Wanrou was an extremely kind lady.

Even though it was her mother’s mistake, she also blamed herself for it.

In that chaos just now, I must have seen wrongly.

Chancellor Yu also could not help but doubt his eyes as he saw Yu Wanrou’s expression.

Yu Wanrou apologized in a gentle voice, “Grandmother, father, Nanny Mo has indeed erred in this matter. Wanrou will persuade mother. Wanrou will take her leave now.”

She saw that Madam Lian was still attempting to say something so she hurriedly went to pull her mother, but it was a pity she failed.

Madam Lian begged, “Mother, I know that I’m wrong, please be the bigger person and forgive me this time.”

Before Old Madam spoke, Chancellor Yu said, “Lian, looks like you thought nothing of my words.”

“I remember that I grounded you as punishment!” Chancellor Yu looked at Madam Lian coldly.

Madam Lian wanted to justify herself, “Lord, I…”

“Mother, let’s return first!”

Yu Wanrou hurriedly pulled Madam Lian out as she saw that she had nearly lost her rationality.

After seeing the two of them leaving, Yu Zisu said calmly, “Father, grandmother, Zisu shall take her leave if there’s nothing else.”

She was emotionless, neither sad nor happy.

The thing called family did not necessarily mean that they were the closest to one.

For example, Chancellor Yu and Old Madam Yu.

Perhaps, what they did may not be wrong but as she looked at their actions, she was tempted to scoff at them.

Haha, if they’re really even slightly concerned for their granddaughter, how would they have just allowed Madam Lian to leave like this and only ground her?

Therefore, calling them her grandmother and father was already fulfilling her duty of being filial to them.

“Zisu, wait.” Old Madam Yu’s eyes flickered as she looked at Yu Zisu.

She ordered Cai Yu to bring her the jewelry box.

Old Madam Yu might have thought to compensate Yu Zisu so she said, “Zisu, pick two pieces of jewellery, as a lady, you won’t be too good-looking by being so plain.”

Yu Zisu hesitated and said, “Grandmother, Zisu can’t take these pieces of jewellery. Madam Lian has said before that father’s salary is originally not high and he is an honest and upright official, so we need to reduce on spending.”

Madam Lian’s face stiffened once she heard Yu Zisu’s words.

“There’s no need, this is what grandmother has given you personally, just take it!”

She had never expected Madam Lian to have said such words so she was outraged.

On second thought, Old Madam Yu thought that Yu Zisu was lying.

However, as she observed carefully, Yu Zisu still had her head lowered and was as well-behaved as usual.

Chancellor Yu was furious once he heard Yu Zisu’s words.

However, due to Madam Lian’s family, he could not do anything even if he was angry.

On the contrary, Old Madam Yu said sternly, “Zizhao, looks like you need to knock some sense into Lian, how could she have spoken such nonsense in front of a child”

“Zisu has quite the good conduct today, you can even speak properly in front of grandmother,” Old Madam Yu said in relief.

Yu Zisu could not help but sneer.

If the Chancellor’s Manor were to pay more attention to her life and discipline the servants in her residence, how would the daughter of the legal wife be so timid that she did not even dare to speak!

“Zisu thanks grandmother for the praise and gifts.”

Yu Zisu bowed, then she chose two hair accessories before bidding farewell to Old Madam Yu and left.

When she walked out of the Old Madam Yu’s residence, it was brightly lit outside. It was already nighttime.

When she returned to her residence, “slash!” the sound of something piercing through the air suddenly could be heard.

Yu Zisu did not even have the time to think, she could only sense her body dodging instinctively.

However, it was already too late.

She could only look at the dart flying rapidly towards her vital point…

“F*ck! Damn it!”

Yu Zisu had never expected to face a life-endangering crisis in her own residence.

At that extremely crucial moment, suddenly, a pair of hands appeared on Yu Zisu’s waist.

She was carried by someone who then leaped into the sky.

That dart flew past Yu Zisu’s ear and grazed her hair.

Yu Zisu raised her head and looked into a pair of deep, mysterious eyes.

The next thing she saw was a silver mask.

That mask was hideous and gave off an evil aura, but those eyes, on the contrary, were not hideous at all, they were oddly beautiful.

Yu Zisu frowned as she looked at this masked man who suddenly appeared and saved her.

This man, she actually vaguely felt as if he was… familiar.

Also, she did not mind being hugged by him!

Just who is the man underneath the mask?


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