Arrogant Consort Adored By War Prince [Chapter 16]



“You…” Chancellor Yu was stunned by how overbearing Yu Zixu’s words were. He couldn’t help but be reminded of Qin Wenluo when he saw how determined Yu Zisu was despite being wronged.

Qin Wenluo was also the same when he had first met her. Although she looked weak, she was a person of strong character and did not even let one drop of tear fall. Even when she was being beaten black blue and all over by the procuress of the Fragrant Jade Brothel, she was still calmly bargaining.

Could it be that he had really misunderstood Zisu?

He could not help but rub his brows as he could feel a headache forming. Although Wanxin was arrogant and willful, she was well-behaved all along and would never be unruly so how was it possible that she would slander her own sister?

Yu Zisu looked at Chancellor Yu’s reaction and knew that he trusted Yu Wanxin more so she could not help but be even more disappointed.

This father, did he truly love my mother? Is he even concerned about me?

It’s understandable if it was Yu Wanrou. After all, she has always shown that gentle and sensible image of her in front of others, and in addition, she had a grandfather who was influential so it was not weird for her to be adored by Chancellor Yu.

However, why could a mere daughter of a concubine obtain his trust so much so that he would doubt Yu Zisu, his daughter from the legal wife, so easily?

Yu Zisu had transmigrated from the modern world so she did not really care about the difference in status. However, in this era, the daughters of concubines were just slightly better than servants in normal households and only the legal daughters were the masters of the residence!

But in this Chancellor Manor, it was entirely different.

Yu Zisu sneered, “Since father does not believe my words, then why don’t you call for the doctor to make a diagnosis and give Fourth Sister a treatment? Zisu doesn’t dare to bear the crime of hurting one’s sister!”

“Young Miss…” Bi Xi carefully pulled on Yu Zisu’s sleeve as she stood behind Yu Zisu, hoping that Yu Zisu would not speak in such a manner anymore.

“It’s alright.” Yu Zisu was moved when she saw how worried Bi Xi was for her, at least someone was concerned for her.

Bi Xi bit her lips, is it really alright for Young Miss to speak like this to the lord?

Yu Zisu knew just what Bi Xi was conflicted about with just one look but she did not explain. As time passes, Bi Xi would naturally understand that one should persevere when one should and fight when necessary.

She would take a step back when facing Madam Lian as Madam Lian had complete control over the residence. Besides Chancellor Yu and Old Madam who could teach her a lesson, Yu Zisu did not have the strength to compete with Madam Lian yet.

However, Yu Wanxin was but an illegitimate daughter so if she did not teach Yu Wanxin a lesson, Yu Wanxin will most likely walk all over her in the future again.

“Why? Does father think that my method is not good?” Yu Zisu glanced at Chancellor Yu coldly and this pricked at Chancellor Yu’s heart. This daughter of mine, since when has she become so distant from me?

Chancellor Yu told the butler standing outside, “Hanzhang, go and call Wanxin over. Also, tell the residence’s doctor to come over.”

Yu Hanzhang was not surprised that Chancellor Yu would make such a decision. He stared deeply at Yu Zisu before quickly walking away. Looks like this manor is going to get lively.

“Zisu, tell daddy frankly. Did you hit Wanxin? Don’t worry, daddy is not someone who is unreasonable so even if you did hit Wanxin, this matter will be concluded once you go and apologize to her.” Chancellor Yu spoke gently in a helpless manner.

Yu Zisu was no longer someone he could manage anymore so the only thing he could do was not to let her go on the wrong path.

Yu Zisu felt that Chancellor Yu’s words were laughable. Chancellor Yu still felt that it was her who hit Yu Wanxin so she decided to keep quiet as the truth would be let out of the bag once Yu Wanxin came.

On the other hand, Bi Xi whispered, “Young Miss, how about…”

“Did you forget what I told you?” Yu Zisu said coldly to Bi Xi as she turned back to glare at Bi Xi.

This servant girl is really insensible, can’t she see that Chancellor Yu was probing me? If I really admit it now, then Yu Wanxin would definitely continue to accuse me!

Not to mention, Yu Zisu was simply punishing Yu Wanxin slightly for this matter. Back then when Yu Wanxin was Madam Lian’s tool, she would bully Yu Zisu ferociously. There was once where Yu Wanxin had actually gone to Yuxin Residence to whip Yu Zisu mercilessly because she was enraged.

Bi Xi had gone to tell Madam Lian, but she was then punished by Madam Lian because she failed at protecting her master.

Yu Zisu had endured those injuries herself and until today, there were still some scars remaining on her back as no medicine was applied.

Yu Zisu’s whip injuries had gotten inflamed and she had a fever. If it was not for Bi Xi, who wiped Yu Zisu down the whole day, Yu Zisu would have most likely died long ago.

“I understand.” To Bi Xi, it was best to just let the incident be concluded as soon as possible. Her master only needed to apologize to Fourth Young Miss and that would be better than having the truth be uncovered afterward.

However, once she saw Yu Zisu’s cold eyes, she dared not speak anymore. She knew that her Young Miss had a will of her own after she returned from the White Horse Temple so she definitely had her own plan.

“Lord, I have brought the Fourth Young Miss,” Yu Hanzhang reported as he bowed after entering the room while Chancellor Yu was sizing up Yu Zisu.

“Daddy, you have to back Wanxin up! Wanxin’s back is still hurting now!” Yu Wanxin cried as she pushed open the door and ran in, directly falling into Chancellor Yu’s embrace. She wanted to see Yu Zisu’s ending so she did not even bother knocking before entering.

Seeing how pitiful she looked, not to mention Chancellor Yu, even Yu Zisu would feel like Yu Wanxin had been wronged.

However, Yu Zisu knew that Yu Wanxin had really been hit by her. Later on, when Yu Wanxin discovers that she was not injured, she would most likely feel more wronged!

Yu Zisu said calmly, “Father, let the doctor take a look at Fourth Sister.” Just nice, the doctor had arrived too.

Yu Zisu had never expected the doctor to arrive after Yu Wanxin, was it intentionally arranged by Yu Hanzhang? Or was it just a coincidence? One had to know that if Yu Wanxin knew that the doctor would be waiting for her here, she would not dare to come.

Just as Yu Zisu had guessed, Yu Wanxin did not expect that Chancellor Yu had called the doctor over.

The doctor was loyal to Chancellor Yu and had superb medical skills, so much so that even Madam Lian would have to give him face. Although Yu Wanxin did feel pain all over, it was exaggerated by her and as long as the doctor examined her, everything would be exposed.

Yu Wanxin felt anxious so she hurriedly said, “No need, it just hurts slightly! Sis-sister, I’m fine.” Yu Wanxin cowered as if Yu Zisu had threatened her.

However, Chancellor Yu believed her and felt exasperated. He rebuked, “Zisu, Wanxin is your sister why can’t you be more considerate towards her?”

Yu Zisu asked, “What does father mean? Could it be that I’m wrong to care about her? Zisu only suggested for the doctor to examine her, what does it have to do with me that Fourth Sister is that nervous? Could it be that father thinks that Zisu has threatened Fourth Sister to stop her from being examined?”

Yu Zisu looked at Chancellor Yu’s expression and knew that her guess was correct. She sneered and looked as cold as purple perilla flowers [Zisu also means purple perilla flowers in Chinese] in full bloom during winter.

“With father here, it’ll take a mere moment for the doctor to examine Fourth Sister so why would Zisu do such a thing? Then again, I am the legal daughter of the Chancellor’s Manor. No matter how much father dislikes me, do I have to make things difficult for an illegitimate daughter?”

Yu Zisu was screaming when she finished her last sentence. She was no longer as composed as before and her eyes were fully red. She thought that this might have been the feelings of the true Yu Zisu.

This family was really disappointing.

Chancellor Yu stammered, “Zisu, I-I…” Chancellor Yu suddenly realized that he could not rebut what Yu Zisu had said at all as Yu Zisu was right. It was her last few words that especially moved Chancellor Yu deeply.

So Zisu thinks that I dislike her? No wonder she would always call me “father” instead of “daddy” like Wanxin and Wanrou…

Although Chancellor Yu did not know much about the matters in the courtyard, he was, at the very least, the chancellor of a country so he was not dumb. After hearing Yu Zisu’s words, he turned to Yu Wanxin.

And he saw Yu Wanxin avoiding his eyes in panic.

Yu Wanxin was still young so she did not know how to hide her emotions.

Chancellor Yu immediately understood everything.

“Father, you just have to let the doctor take a look at her. If Zisu did not hit Fourth Sister, then father, please grant justice to me!” Yu Zisu said resolutely, “I am her older sister, for her to frame me, I don’t know what Fourth Sister is thinking!”

Yu Wanxin hurriedly declared, “I did not frame you! Yu Zisu, you really did hit me! I didn’t frame you!”

She could no longer maintain her obedient facade. With one hand on her waist and the other pointing at Yu Zisu, she scolded, “Yu Zisu, how can you be this shameless, just when did I frame you? You evidently hit…”

“Enough!” Chancellor Yu had never expected Yu Wanxin to have such a side to her. This side of hers was completely different from what he had seen all along so he angrily said, “Wanxin, let the doctor take your pulse.”

“Doctor Yang, please.”

Regardless of whether Yu Wanxin was willing or not, Chancellor Yu told the doctor to take Yu Wanxin’s pulse. Not only was Doctor Yang highly skilled, but he was also loyal to Chancellor Yu and knew martial arts. Therefore, Doctor Yang stepped forward immediately after hearing Chancellor Yu’s words and started taking Yu Wanxin’s pulse without caring about Yu Wanxin’s struggles.

After a moment, he shook his head and said calmly, “Chancellor, Fourth Young Miss isn’t hurt or sick anywhere. This subordinate shall take my leave.”

Chancellor Yu frowned and clenched his hand, was I taken advantage of by Wanxin?

Seeing that Chancellor Yu did not reply, Doctor Yang could only stand there and observe the scene silently. He saw that Yu Hanzhang was staring at First Young Miss so he unconsciously switched his attention to her.


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