Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 85]


The words of these girls struck a chill into Yun Hua’s heart!

How could these young girls have such evil thoughts?

Just thinking about the description that the girl with thick red lipstick on had described was enough to give Yun Hua goosebumps all over.

She had no fear of frogs, snakes and most insects but she was terrified of mosquitoes and ants!

When she was young, there was one time where her mother had not been back from the night shift at the cotton factory and Yun Zhi Ming from Yun Hua’s uncle’s family wanted to drink some water, so grandma got Yun Hua to pour some water for him. In the end, the kid ended up choking on the water and started crying. Grandma was very fond of him and ended up venting her anger on Yun Hua, forcing the 6-year-old Yun Hua to strip naked and squat in the pigsty!

The pigsty was a smelly and dirty place that was a perfect breeding ground for insects.

The skin of a child is soft and tender. Having the lost the protection that clothing provides, groups of mosquitoes swarmed her and ants crawled up her leg, nibbling and biting her tender skin…

Such punishments did not only happen once.

As such, that formed a nightmare that Yun Hua is still struggling to escape from!

Even now, she could not sleep if there was even a single mosquito in her room, she just had to deal with it before she could sleep!

Then there were ants. For Yun Hua, she would avoid them on the streets and if an ant was to crawl onto her arm, even if she smashed the ant, she would still feel this uncomfortable itchy feeling for a long time afterward!

The girl with the thick red lipstick could not have known that her words have unintentionally struck the psychological trauma hidden deep within Yun Hua’s heart.

Han Luo Luo’s eyes flashed with excitement, clearly looking forward to the events described by the girl.

At this moment, Yun Hua saw an opportunity and dashed off, dodging into the last toilet cubicle!

She slammed the toilet door shut and leaned against the door with all her weight.

She actually had other cubicles that she could have hid into but she did not because she remembered that the last cubicle had a window in it.

In the past, there were girls who complained to the school that the design of the window was not logical and that there were boys who peeped in using binoculars!

The school then installed a curtain for the window.

The reason Yun Hua rushed here was so that she could escape through the window!


“Get out you bitch!”

“You think you’re safe by hiding in there? Believe me when I say that I can dismantle this door with a few kicks!”

Yun Hua did not reply and continue pushing against the toilet door.

She ripped off the curtain with one hand.

This was the third floor!

Even if it was a grass patch outside, there was no way Yun Hua could jump down.

Now what?


The girl outside kicked the door again.

The toilet doors were all low-quality sandwich panels that could not stand up to kicks.

The hinges were already coming loose.

The door would not hold for much longer.

“Bitch get the fuck out! Think you can hide? We’ll make you see hell! Come out here and we’ll release you after a good beating! Get the fuck out!”

“Come out you fucking bitch!”


A few minutes later, the girls raised their legs and kicked the door together.

The door which had been fall in apart finally gave way.

But there was no one inside!

Han Luo Luo and the girls were surprised. Looking at the open window, a few girls looked at each other with eyes of disbelief before popping their heads out the window to take a look!

At this moment, Yun Hua had already slid down to the first floor using the pipe outside the window. She let go and landed on the floor.

“Fuck, she really managed to escape! We must capture her!”

“We can’t let her escape. I’m pissed, none of my targets have ever escaped from me!”


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2 thoughts on “Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 85]

  1. Han Lou Lou has got to be the biggest idiot in the world…
    It’s interesting that both Yun Hua and the readers (well me anyway) totally forgot about HLL, but HLL didn’t forget about YH.. honestly that’s some good writing right there… 😀

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