Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 84]


Yun Hua recognized the picture instantaneously, it was the scene from the field. Yun Hua had squatted down to threaten He Yu Xiang after she had mercilessly kneed He Yu Xiang in the groin and smashed the basketball on his face

She only squatted down to threaten He Yu Xiang but the picture made it seem like she was kissing He Yu Xiang!

Fucking retards!

She would rather die than kiss that piece of shit!

The photo angles in the other pictures were also ingenious, making it seem like Yun Hua was flirting with He Yu Xiang.


She had been framed!

“Who gave you these photos?”

Yun Hua squeezed the photos and looked at Han Luo Luo coldly, “You wouldn’t believe it if I told you that these pictures are just a misunderstanding, right?”

“A misunderstanding?” Han Luo Luo clenched her teeth, “Do you take me for a fool?!”

Yun Hua took a deep breath and gave up on reasoning with Han Luo Luo.

“Then tell me, what do you want?” Yun Hua said calmly.

Han Luo Luo’s mouth twisted into an icy smile, “Some punishment of course! I’ll show you what happens to bitches!”

“Come on sisters, it’s your time to shine.” Han Luo Luo clapped her hands, “Be through with her, it’s my treat at the Qun Xing Club, free-flow drinks and games. Also, let’s get the school’s hunk to join us!”

“Sure Luo Luo. Don’t worry, our techniques will be sure to teach her a lesson!”

At such a time, there was no one else in the classroom block.

Yun Hua was suppressed by a few girls and brought to the toilet at the end of the hallway. One girl was tasked to remain outside, preventing other people from entering.

Han Luo Luo and four other girls entered the classroom.

“Strip her!” Han Luo Luo smiled coldly.

The girls smoked their cigarettes and cracked their knuckles.

Yun Hua backed away step by step. She did not dare to fight them, she alone was no match for those thugs.

Furthermore, she had the swimming competition in the after, she could not allow herself to be injured any further!

The girls closed in one step at a time with playful smiles plastered on their faces. One of the girls with thick, glossy red lipstick on said, “Luo Luo, do you know what happened to that bitch who tried seducing Brother Feng?”

“What, didn’t the bitch leave Jiang Xi City?” Han Luo Luo asked.

The girl sneered coldly, “Hmph, she must be tired of living to dare to try snatching Brother Feng from me. Brother Feng was merely playing with her, having a one night stand with her before ditching her. Heh, if I hadn’t let her go after dealing out the punishment, any other woman would dare to try fight me for Brother Feng!”

“How did you punish her?” Han Luo Luo asked excitedly.

The girl with the thick lipstick smiled, “It was very fun. I brought her to the park and tied her to a Chinese parasol tree naked… Then I spread honey over her body… Of course, I also turned on her phone to help the ants find their way… Guess what happened?”

Han Luo Luo’s excited bumped up another notch as she asked, “What happened?”

The girl with the thick lipstick roared with laughter, “By the time we returned, mosquitoes were all over her body, having a feast. There were even two leeches that found their way onto her legs.”

Another girl excitedly joined the conversation and quickly added, “That wasn’t all. Since honey had been spread down there, ants from the surrounding had been attracted there, crawling their way into her… When we released her on the second day, she rushed straight to the hospital to see the gynecologist! Hahahahaha.”

The girl with the thick lipstick was smiling smugly, “What else could she do? There’s no way she could get those ants out by herself. So you see Luo Luo, it’d only feel satisfying like this, how about we try it out on her? Looking at her, I doubt any guy has been in her, right? How about we let the ants have a go first?”


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