Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 74]


Hearing her mother’s words, Yun Hua’s eyebrows raised for a moment.

‘What did she come over for?” Yun Hua asked.

Jiang Huan Qing hesitated for a moment before asking quietly, “Hua Hua, did you get yourself a boyfriend?”

Yun Hua stared back blankly at her.

Feeling speechless, she replied, “Mom, Xiao Qiu Ci came all the way here just to tell you that?”

Jiang Huan Qing nodded her head, “She said that you’d leave the school the moment morning lessons are over and only return for the afternoon lessons. Same thing happens when school is dismissed in the afternoon, you’d never show up for the nightly self-study lessons. You told me that you’d go to the swimming complex to practice swimming but aunt Xiao said that she had something to do at the South Bay area and coincidentally saw you head for a microdistrict of villas…”

Yun Hua smiled and put down her chopsticks. She looked seriously at Jiang Huan Qing, “Mom, there is a higher chance that she was stalking me then her seeing me coincidentially!”

Jiang Huan Qing pursed her lips, “Hua Hua, tell what’s happening, mother believes in you.”

Yun Hua could not explain Bao Si Qing’s identity to Jiang Huan Qing so she could only lie, “It’s Bao Si Qing, didn’t you ask me why he wasn’t coming to our house? He picked up another person to tutor, a kid from a rich family, the villa is the kid’s house. Didn’t you say that he was very hard working? So I thought that our house is too far away so it would be tough for him to rush between our places. As a result, he asked that family’s opinion and they agreed to him teaching us at the same time. Their villa has a big swimming pool so that family kindly lend the pool to me for practice when Bao Si Qing mentioned that I was preparing to enter the swimming competition…”

Yun Hua felt that her lie was full of holes but Jiang Huan Qing believed her.

“There are kind people after all! Their family must have been touched that by Xiao Bao’s motivation while refusing to accept alms from others that they were willing to let Xiao Bao earn more money.” Jiang Huan Qing said with respect.

Yun Hua felt a loss as to what to say, she was not sure whether her mother should be labelled as too trusting or too naive!

But it seems that she had muddled her way through.

But Jiang Huan Qing raised another question.

“Hua Hua, then what’s happening between Qi Zi Heng and you? I heard aunt Xiao say that he goes to school everything to find you and that the entire school believes that you two are dating…” Jiang Huan Qing’s expression was full of worry.

Yun Hua felt helpless, she knew that there were definitely going to be problems that would arise from Qi Zi Heng going to school daily, giving her chocolate, cake and all sorts of snacks!

“Mom, that’s definitely not true!” Yun Hua shook her head, “I’m still young and I have no intention of finding a boyfriend. Furthermore, I don’t want to enter that mess of familial politics that is the Qi family. Aunt Xiao coming to stir trouble is definitely part of her scheme on the engagement with the Qi family. Mom, just ignore her in the future!”

Jiang Huan Qing nodded, “Alright, Hua Hua, you’ve grown up now, you know what’s right and what’s wrong so mother won’t say anything else.”

In reality, Jiang Huan Qing did not really believe Xiao Qiu Ci either.

She was a young girl once too, so she knew that a girl’s demeanour would change if they liked someone.

But a simple look at Hua Hua would show that there were absolutely no signs that signified that she was a lovestruck little girl.

Even when Xiao Bao, who had great manners, great grades and was great all around, came over the last time, she did not see Hua Hua daydreaming, so Jiang Huan Qing concluded that Hua Hua was still young and had no interest in these things.

There was also the possibility that the matter between her and Yun Cong Jun had cause Hua Hua to start opposing the idea of a relationship…

Oh well, Hua Hua was still young, there was no rush for her to fall in love!


Returning to the study, Yun Hua turned on the computer right away.

She had just logged into QQ when she saw a string of messages from Editor Sugar!

“Drawing, get on the forums quickly! You’ve been slandered by someone! They said that you’re using bots to inflate your statistics!”


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  1. The thing is this is a chinese novel but the honorifics are japanese 😂😂 thanks for the tl-ing! Looking forward to the next chapter…


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