Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 75]


Yun Hua was somewhat stunned after seeing Sugar’s message.


Using bots to inflate statistics?

In this period of time, she had not paid much attention to the numbers, after all, it was a new series with daily new chapters of 2000 to 3000 words. Furthermore, there were few online readers so she did not expect much results in such a short time.

And then, she was spending most of her energy on her daily swimming practice, so she only wanted to sleep after she finishes writing her story.

Who knew such a thing would happen?

Being slandered…

It means that her novel was getting such great numbers that someone was getting jealous.

Yun Hua quickly opened her novel’s information page and she was stunned.

In 8638 collections, 16975 reviews, 58979 votes and 12789 monthly votes.

Wow, this was just the 2nd week and she already had this many monthly votes…

And she had just written 40,000 words.

These numbers… Were not bad. No, in the context of 2006, these numbers are not just decent but astronomical!

What attracted her attention was that there were a few familiar IDs in the review section.

Cold Wind, Warm Snow: “This was a great read, compared to Master Drawing, my works are trash… Master, please take care of me…”

Jiang Hu Heart replied Cold Wind, Warm Snow, “Seems like there are even authors that fell to Master Revived Drawing’s trap.”

Dreamy Moon Flower, “Wow, isn’t that Master Snow, the author of [Courtesan]? Hehe, even Master Snow has been conquered by Master Drawing~”

Ancient Wood replied Cold Wind, Warm Snow, “You still dare to ask for Master Drawing to take care of you when you know your works are trash?”

Dreamy Moon Flower, “Ahhhh, a god of boy’s love appears!!! Doesn’t God Ancient Wood only write and read boy’s love? Unless… You’ve been captured by our Master Drawing? Maybe… Maybe you’re about to be turned straight by Master Drawing!”

Mu Qing Shao, “Master Drawing’s writing abilities are great, this has the character of a drama. I’ve also noticed that Master Drawing is particularly great at bringing out the interactions and dressing of the people of the Qing Dynasty! This is impressive, I’ll be learning from Master Drawing!”

Gentle Mid Summer Waves, “Wooooow, it’s the Master Mu Qing Shao, the author of [The bride’s escape from aristocracy], gosh, so many great gods have been chaptered by Master Drawing!”

Fluttering White Clouds, “Master Drawing’s appeal in limitless, all of Penguin Books’ great gods have joined Master Drawing’s harem, no one can match her!”

Summer Snow Plum, “Does Master Drawing have a QQ group? QQ group! QQ group!”

Su Yi Zhen, “Everyone go and take a look at the forum, Master Drawing is being slandered, they say that she is inflating her statistics!”

Fluttering White Clouds, “What’s happening?”

Gentle Mid Summer Waves, “???”

Jiang Hu Heart, “I don’t get it?”

China, “I was just about to say, what’s with all these people, getting jealous over our Master Drawing’s excellent numbers, saying that Master Drawing is inflating statistics! They’re even reporting it to the website! Clearly, it’s because Master Drawing’s work is too good! I alone leave at least 30 comments and they dare say that I’m Master Drawing’s alternate account! If I had Master Drawing’s skills, I’d be writing my own stories! A whole bunch of trash, trash that can’t appreciate talent!”

Su Yi Zhen, “Exactly. The fact that so many great authors have been drawn in by Master Drawing’s work shows that her work is great!”

Gentle Mid Summer Waves, “I just came back from the forums. Ahh… I’m so pissed, what basis do they have to say that Master Drawing is botting?”

China, “A bunch of fuckers! They dare attack Master Drawing! Fuck, I’m gonna flame them to death!”

Summer Snow Plum, “Does Master have a QQ group? Anyone able to contact Master Drawing?”

Jiang Hu Heart, “I’ve come back from looking at the forums, everyone calm down, we all believe in Master Drawing’s work, that it deserves such numbers, we can let the website decide on their report. Before the results come out, let’s not talk randomly.”

China, “That’s going too easy on them! No, I’m gonna declare war, if the website decides that Master Drawing was not inflating numbers, I want them all to come and apologise!”


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