Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 64]


It was clear from Editor Sugar’s words that even veteran authors did not enjoy such popularity when debuting new books.

She could tell from the comments that most of the readers found out about the book through the word of mouth. Most of the comments were asking for updates while there were some discussing the plot.

In the reviews section of [Shocking Dreams in the Forbidden Palace].

Jiang Hu Heart, “This is my first time reading a novel about reincarnating in the Qing Dynasty. The author’s perspective is very unique and has an ingenious way of thinking. I’m looking forward to the future development of the story!”

Dreamy Moon Flower, “Wow, the female protagonist just rescued the fourth lord right? It has to be! Haha, she wanted nothing to do with him but ends up with him anyways! Best of luck to her, haha.”

Gentle Mid Summer Waves, “Why isn’t the female lead, Muo Lan, trying to win favour? She already knows that the Fourth Lord would  be the winner, so why not just follow him closely?”

Fluttering White Clouds replied to Gentle Mid Summer Waves, “That’s because the Fourth Lord’s legal wife is Hoifa-Nara. Anyone who has seen Er Yue He’s [Kang Xi Dynasty] would know that there is a famous person called Fei Yang Gu and Hoifa-Nara is his daughter! Historically, Niohuru Hala was just a daughter with low status after she entered the Fourth Lord’s family. The author has already said that the female protagonist reincarnated from modern times so she wouldn’t be willing to share his husband with other women, hence she’d avoid trying to win favour.”

Xia Xue Mei replied to Fluttering White Clouds, “That’s right. Furthermore, even if the fight for the throne seemed simple, it was actually very dangerous. Who knows how many people died in the process. Even the fight between the women’s side was very intense. A modern person would not have the wits and knowledge to compete with them!”

Seeing these reviews, Yun Hua was rather surprised.

Any author would feel excited when reading affirmations and discussions about their work!

Motivated, Yun Hua continued writing.

She finished 5 more chapters in one shot, uploaded them and set the schedule.

After closing the word document, she saw Sugar’s profile picture flashing.

Sugar, “Revived Drawing, what kind of cover page would you like? Just state your requirements and I’ll get an artist to work on it!”

Sugar was being too polite so Yun Hua felt a little self-conscious.

Revived Drawing, “You can just call me Drawing in the future. As for the cover page… I’ll prepare it myself.”

Sugar, “Wow. You can create your own cover page? That’s amazing!”

After conversing with Sugar, Yun Hua started working on the cover page.

Actually, she planned to draw the cover page by hand.

There were very few images on the internet regarding the Qing Dynasty that would be suitable for the cover page, hence, it would be a good idea, especially since she wanted to learn how to draw. In fact, if she had the time, she wanted to join a drawing class. This time, she intended to learn all the things that she did not manage to learn in her previous life.

The current computers were lacking in terms of software so Yun Hua could draw by hand.

She would first draw the outline by hand then buy paint the next day.

The head accessories, attire and shoes are iconic features of courtesans in the Qing Dynasty. She prepared a full body picture then scanned it into the computer. She cropped the upper half for the cover page. As for the full body picture, it could serve as character design and a special gift for fans.

She skipped school on Monday with taking leave. In any case, her form teacher was Xiao Qiu Ci and Yun Hua did not believe that she would pick a fight with her over skipping a day of school. In the end, Xiao Qiu Ci herself skipped school to register her marriage!

On Tuesday morning, Yun Hua ran to school at 5 am as per usual.

However, she felt something was wrong the moment she entered school.

Why was everyone looking at her on the way?


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