Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 63]


Yun Hua’s heart was beating hard!

Even after Bao Si Qing entered the lift and left, she still had not recovered.


Returning home, Jiang Huan Qing asked while cleaning up around the house.

“Hua Hua, how was the lesson? I’m planning on paying him 50 dollars per hour, how does that sound?” asked Jiang Huan Qing.

In 2006, 50 dollars was a fairly steep price but it was the standard for a tutor from the prestigious universities.

“Oh, he’s pretty good.” Yun Hua was unwilling to slander him, “But mom, you’re giving him 50 when he’s only asking for 20, why would you raise the price?”

“Who made you think that I’m so stingy? He’s a good kid, it must be tough to be working while studying. Even so, he insists on relying on himself, refusing to apply for financial aid! Furthermore, 50 dollars is the standard price so I’m not paying extra. What’s the point of taking advantage of others?” Jiang Huan Qing replied.

Yun Hua pursed her lips, remaining silent since she had nothing to say.

There was no way she would tell her mother that the “student” that was supposedly working to pay his school fees actually had an insanely rich family background!

“Mom, I’ll be in the study.” Yun Hua said and returned to the study, turning on the computer.

Logging into QQ, Sugar’s message popped up.

Sugar, “Have you mailed the contract?”

Revived Drawing, “I’m sorry, some things happened today, I’ll definitely mail it tomorrow.”

Sugar, “Ok alright, sorry for the trouble. You work is great, have you seen the reviews? There have already been more than a thousand users who bookmarked your book and there are more than 3,000 comments. Gosh, you’re amazing! This is better than any of the other new book’s performance! If only you had signed the contract, you’d definitely shoot to the top of the rankings!”

Yun Hua blinked, a thousand bookmarks was… really little.

She had come back from a time where popular books had bookmarks numbering in the millions, so a thousand bookmarks was really nothing impressive.

Yun Hua was not expecting much of the web novel scene in 2006.

The current trends tended to men and even though Penguin Books was the leader in novels targetting women, but there were few such novels so Penguin Books did not have particularly big traffic.

The most popular book on the site was called “Reincarnated as the most popular and beautiful courtesan” by the author “Cold Wind, Warm Snow”. It was a book that was also about reincarnation in the Qing Dynasty that became popular due to the interest at that time.

It was about the female protagonist reincarnating in the Qing Dynasty as a courtesan who eventually won the favour of the emperor and even became the empress.

Such types of books were extremely popular.

At the start, people were only concerned about it being new and did not care about whether it was logical or not. In which era would an empress come from a brothel… A courtesan was still a prostitute, just one of a higher class, but still a prostitute nonetheless.

However, if one was to disregard the illogicality, then the genre was enjoyable to read with the beautiful female protagonist being fought about by a bunch of guys.

Also, the genre of women being abused was popular too.

In ten years, the trends would change completely with reverse harem and heartwarming romance being more popular.

Yun Hua took a look at the book which was the site’s most popular one. It had a word count of about 300,000 with around 8,000 bookmarks and 50,000 reviews.

However, that book has been ongoing for over a year with recommendations all over the site.

In comparison, Yun Hua’s book had debuted for less than a week! It has not even been contracted, let alone recommended.


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