Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 57]


The web novel scene in 2006 was extremely lacking compared to that of 10 years later.

Same goes for the contract which was much vaguer compared to the contracts of the future.

If one was to sign a contract 10 years later, the website would ask for exclusive rights to not just the digital edition but also exclusive rights for the printed versions, both in simplified and traditional Chinese, games, anime, movies and even television series.

As of now, there would be few people who could imagine that web novels would be printed out and even lesser that would imagine there being a global audience…

Sugar had said that they needed the exclusive right to online publishing. This means that the copyrights for all the other forms would still belong to her!

This was great news!

In just a few short years, the fight for intellectual properties would become extremely heated. By then, rights for each form of publishing, especially that of movies and anime, could be worth millions!

However, the current belief was that these novels would never become movies.

So the current prices for these rights were dirt cheap.

In ten years, there would be many web novels that are turned into films. However, as the rights for these films were sold off early on, the prices for the rights ranged between 20,000 to 50,000 despite the success.

Compared to the future prices that ranged between millions to tens of millions, those pitiful tens of thousands of dollars were not even worth mentioning.

There was also a very popular drama series, which was also the one that helped Chen Shi Ying reach an all-time high in her career, which had its publishing rights sold for a mere 200k. The publisher that bought the rights made a massive killing on the sales of the books.

There were countless examples of such cases.

Hence, Yun Hua decided that she would hold the other copyrights in her hands. Even if she was to sell the rights to publishing in print form, she was going to ask for payment through royalties and not a one time sum!

As for the rights to film, anime and games, then there was no rush at all. It would take at least a few years before the internet became more advanced and mature, that web novels would have the chance to be turned into films, anime and games. Most importantly, that would mean that the price would go up!

Yun Hua would not let herself be cheated of a single dollar.

Reading through the contract, Yun Hua told Sugar that Penguin Books can have the exclusive rights to online publishing, but rights for print, films, anime and games would remain in her hands.

She did not mind letting Penguin Books work out the other forms of the novel but as for how the rights would be sold, she was to be the one deciding. Of course, there would be a 10% commission fee for Penguin Books.

Sugar, “Revived Drawing sure is efficient! I’ll immediately get my colleagues to change the contract and report to the editor in chief. I’ll definitely get back to you within 2 hours!

Revived Drawing, “Alright.”

After that Sugar got to work while Yun Hua continued writing her novel.

She could not spend everyday writing novels but a web novel required daily updates so she had to write more in one go and schedule the releases.

The plot flowed naturally and Yun Hua finished 4 more chapters worth about 8,000 words.

Just as she was stretching, she received a message from Sugar.

Sugar, “Hi Revived Drawing, the contract has been updated and the editor in chief has approved it as well. I’ll send the new contract to your email, please take a look. If everything is alright, could you please quickly sign it and send it back to me? I’ll quickly arrange for a good spot on the recommended list!”


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