Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 56]


The editor started off formal but turned informal eventually.

Editor Sugar’s thought process was clear for all to see!

In 2006, web novels were still relatively unknown so there were not many web novel authors! Of course, there were even lesser high quality works.

It was not like the scene ten years later where editors would receive hundreds and even thousands of drafts from countless newcomers. The editors would have to read through the drafts and decide on the arrangement of the recommendation list so that often lacked the time to interact with the authors and it was even less likely that they would chase after an author to contract them.

Currently, the editors had few drafts to read through each day and most of them were written for fun.

There were just too few works of high quality like Yun Hua’s [Shocking Dreams in the Forbidden Palace]. Hence, it was natural for the editor to feel surprised!

Yun Hua accepted the friend question and logged into her author’s account.

The webpage loaded and she was flooded with notifications.

The first line was to notify her that her work had passed and the rest were messages from Sugar.

“Dear Revived Drawing, your work is splendid, I’m your editor, Sugar, come add me on QQ. My ID is 1234567”

“Revived Drawing, I’ve added you as a friend, please accept it and we can discuss your work.”

“Dear esteemed Revived Drawing, would you please add me? Your work is magnificent, you have to contract with our site! I promise to do my best to publicise your work!”

“Esteemed Revived Drawing, did you leave a wrong QQ ID? I’ve tried sending you many friend requests but there is no response?”

“Esteemed Revived Drawing, your phone number is going through either…”

Seeing the chain of notifications, Yun Hua felt a little awkward. She had submitted her draft and went on the handle other matters, thus she had no time to go online at all. It would be stranger if Editor Sugar had managed to get in contact with her!

Still, Yun Hua was touched.

It was obvious that Editor Sugar really liked her work since she was trying to hard to get in contact with her, worrying that she would not contract with Penguin Books.

Yun Hua was just about to open the information page for her novel to check out the view count and reviews when a profile on her QQ lit up.

The profile picture was a large rainbow coloured lollipop. It was Editor Sugar.

Yun Hua clicked on the icon and saw that Sugar had already sent a bunch of messages.

“Revived Drawing? You finally added me! I’m so excited!”

“Revived Drawing, your work is great. It’s my first time reading a novel about being reincarnated in the Qing Dynasty!”

“Your plot is skillfully done too! The pacing is perfect and leaves me excited from the suspense in each chapter!”

“Have you posted your work on any other websites? You haven’t signed a contract with any other sites right? Come sign a contract with our website, I’ll find the main editor and fight for the best contracting terms and recommendation spots for you!”

“Revived Drawing, why aren’t you saying anything?”

Yun Hua smiled helplessly.

She was not staying silent, she just could not find the chance to speak!

Revived Drawing, “Hi Sugar, I hold all the copyrights and have not posted the work on other sites. Is there a sample for the contract? I’d like to look at the contract first.”

Sugar, “Yes there is, I’ll send it to your email now. Revived Drawing, the terms can be negotiated but you have to give us exclusive rights!”

Revived Drawing, “Alright, I’ll talk to you again when I’m done taking a look.”


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  2. Wait, I’m confused about her pen name. A few chapters ago when she registered the account she said that her previous life’s pen name was No Regrets but she had regrets now so she was going to pick a new pen name. Revived Drawing or something like that? Why is her pen name No Regrets again?


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