Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 48]


Yun Cong Jun looked extremely uncomfortable.

On the other hand, Jiang Huan Qing could only weep quietly!

Yun Hua laughed coldly, “Everytime you called, all you did was ask for more money. Do you not know how the village was like? Other than the profit made from selling the crops, what other money is there?”

“Heh, the funding you speak of was all earned bit by bit by my mom!”

“Of course Xiao Qiu Ci would be able to look grand and beautiful if all she does is maintain her looks with expensive cosmetic and not work!”

“How about you put her to work in the fields? She if she can still maintain her beauty with that!”

“You find me rude, barbaric and lacking in manners, but if I were to be like Xiao Ru Yue, I wouldn’t even be able to feed myself!”

“How about you bring Xiao Ru Yue back to the village for a few days and see if she can still maintain her manners after dealing with those assholes from uncle’s family?”

Yun Hua shot him an icy stare.

“Dad, did you know that grandmother sent me off to do the dishes, wash clothes and boil the water used to cook right when I was 5? Back then, I couldn’t reach the stove even if I stood on a stool and nearly fell into the boiling cauldron!”

“When it was clearly second uncle’s Zhi Ming who killed second aunt’s newly bought chicken while playing with it, second aunt blamed it on me. When I told them that it was Zhi Ming who was at fault, grandmother just grabbed the cane and mercilessly caned me while scolding me for lying.”

“Mom came back while that happened and she rushed to protect me but grandma and second aunt continue on, caning both me and her. Mom hugged me tightly and all the hits landed on her body. It kept on going until the cane broke!”

Jiang Huan Qing covered her faced and weeped. She shook her head and said through tears, “That’s enough, Hua Hua don’t say anymore…”

Yun Cong Jun remained silent with a darkened expression.

He knew clearly what his mother was like.

But she was his mother.

Furthermore, he saved Jiang Huan Qing when she had no memories and could not find her family members. If it was not for the Yun family, who knew what horrible fate awaited Jiang Huan Qing!

So in Yun Cong Jun’s mind, it was natural that Jiang Huan Qing should work herself to the bone for the Yun family.

And… Jiang Huan Qing was fortunate enough that he was not a wife beater!

Yun Hua took a deep breath, “Fine, I’ll stop since it’s all in the past. Dad, it’s fine if you want a divorce as long as you agree to those terms!”

“No way!” Yun Cong Jun shook his head, “It’s too much.”

Yun Hua laughed, “Is that so? Then sure, we’ll go the legal route. Dad, Xiao Ru Yue is your daughter, proving that you’ve been having an affair for many years… Which puts you in the wrong! On one side is a cheater who has an affair on his wife who did her best to support his entrepreneurial efforts, on the other side is a wife who gets abused by her mother-in-law, who do you think the court will side with?”

Yun Cong Jun’s expression darkened even more.

“Even if you win the court case, the compensation wouldn’t be so high!” Yun Cong Jun gritted his teeth.

Yun Hua laughed again, “That’s true. That said, there’s no way that the matter of Xiao Qiu Ci having an affair with you, and even giving birth to Xiao Ru Yue, while being besties with my mother could remain hidden! Think about it, Aunt Xiao would fall from her current graceful and respected self to a mistress that everyone hates… As for your dear daughter Xiao Ru Yue… She would become known as an illegitimate daughter…”

Yun Cong Jun turned pale!

“Dad, what do you think everyone would say about Aunt Xiao and Xiao Ru Yue? A homewrecking mistress and an illegitimate daughter…” Yun Hua paused and clicked her tongue, “Do you think the elegant and grand Aunt Xiao or the gentle and kind Xiao Ru Yue would be able to endure these harsh words?”


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  2. “Furthermore, he saved Jiang Huan Qing when she had no memories and could not find her family members.”
    I’m sorry, what?


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