Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 47]


Yun Hua stood at the entrance and pursed her lips.

Yun Cong Jun was not this gentle the last time round!

The previous Jiang Huan Qing did not find out about the affair but was caught with a vegetable seller by Yun Cong Jun. No matter what Jiang Huan Qing said, Yun Cong Jun would not believe and keep forcing a divorce.

After Jiang Huan Qing was kicked out of the house, the vegetable seller disappeared forever.

After that, Yun Cong Jun and Xiao Qiu Ci got married.

Eventually, she found out that the vegetable seller was sent by Yun Cong Jun!

This time round, maybe it was because Jiang Huan Qing caught Xiao Qiu Ci red-handed, so Yun Cong Jun had no time to try out anything shady and could only immediately ask for a divorce.

“No, no… I won’t accept a divorce…” Jiang Huan Qing kept shaking her head and said with a tearful voice.

However, Yun Cong Jun’s expression remained cold as he said with a tone that left no room for dispute, “Qing Qing, we had a good start so let’s have a good end. After divorcing, I’ll leave this house for you and leave you some savings as a form for compensation. Otherwise, I can only go to court to request a divorce! Qing Qing, don’t force me to take that step.”

It was at this moment, that Yun Hua entered the room.

She looked at Yun Cong Jun calmly, “Dad, is Xiao Ru Yue the daughter of you and Aunt Xiao?”

Yun Cong Jun’s expression changed immediately as he retorted, “What nonsense are you spouting!”

“Nonsense?” Yun Hua looked at Yun Cong Jun coldly, “Dad, haven’t you heard of something cause DNA identification? All we need is the hair of you and Xiao Ru Yue and we can find out the truth. Tell me, do we need to get it tested?”

Yun Cong Jun’s expression darkened as he stared at Yun Hua, “What did you say?”

Yun Hua took a deep breath and said bluntly, “I don’t mind if you and Mom divorce. However, custody of me goes to her. As you’ve said, this house will go to Mom, then you’ll give her 500,000 in savings and send a monthly payment of 2000 dollars as a child support fee. Also, you shall not harass us for whatever reason in the future! Agree to these terms and you can immediately go ahead with your divorce.

Jiang Huan Qing was stunned.

And so was Yun Cong Jun!

In Yun Cong Jun’s mind, this daughter of his that grew up in the countryside had no presence and was immature, lacking in manners, the complete opposite of Yue Yue.

Normally, Yun Cong Jun had no patience to interact with her.


It was as if Yun Cong Jun had just met his daughter for the first time.

“No way! It’s enough to leave the house and a few tens of thousands of dollars to your mom! Don’t forget, I struggled alone to obtain everything here!” Yun Cong Jun retorted.

Yun Hua started laughing, “Is that so? Then allow me to ask, where did the money come from for you to start your business? When you lacked funds, mom would send you money, where do you think the money came from? Mom had to raise pigs and chicken, work in the fields and take night shifts in the town’s cotton mill, just to earn the thousand over dollars that she sends to you monthly!”

Yun Hua stepped towards Yun Cong Jun, “Your mom, my grandmother, always picked on my mom. Grandmother forced her to harvest peanuts and corn less than a month after she gave birth to me! When I was just a newborn and had to feed every hour, I was left alone on the bed to cry till my throat became hoarse. Of course, grandmother just sat outside in the yard doing her own stuff and ignored me!”

“But when you came back home, grandmother came to you to complain about mom not showing her respect and defying her… What did you do then? You slapped mom in front of the entire family!”

“You think that other people didn’t know of such things just because mom wouldn’t speak about them? Let me make it clear to you, everyone in the village knows!”


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