Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 33]


Yun Hua quickly reached out to touch his forehead.

Just when her head was about to touch his forehead, his tightly shut eyes opened wide.

His gaze was sharp like a sword.


At that moment, Yun Hua was scared stiff!

She had never seen such a sharp gaze, as if it would stop one’s heartbeat.

She thought that he was nothing more than a bastard who only knew how to laugh foolishly…

This might be his true self.

That sharp gaze stayed on her for a few seconds before suddenly losing its edge. He smirked at her and said with a hoarse voice, “Trying to take advantage of me?”

Yun Hua was both angry and frustrated.

Still teasing her while he was in such a sorry state!

If it was not for that chilling gaze, she would have forgotten just what kind of person he was!


“Aren’t you having a fever? I’ll go get a thermometer!” Yun Hua said.

“No need.” Bao Si Qing shook his head, grabbed her hand and pressed it to his forehead, “Isn’t this fine?”

The heat from his skin travelled through her palm, straight to her heart, causing her to want to run away quickly.

“My… My hand is too cold, it won’t be accurate…” Yun Hua stuttered.

Bao Si Qing’s eyes lit up, “Is that so? I know a way that’s particularly accurate.”

“What way?” Yun Hua wondered.

“Want to know?” Bao Si Qing smirked lightly, “Come closer, I’ll tell you.”

Yun Hua frowned and bend down. In the next moment, he placed his hand behind her head and pressed her forehead to his!


Forehead to forehead.

Their eyes staring at each other!

Her nose was almost touching his!



In an instant, Yun Hua was about to explode.

She froze up completely!


“When I was young, my brother loved to check my temperature like this, it’s very accurate.” Bao Si Qing voice was low as if full of wonder.

“So, is it hot?” Bao Si Qing asked.

Yun Hua finally came back to her sense. She moved away like a spring, her face blushing hard!

“You, you are having a fever, I’ll get some medicine!”

Yun Hua did not dare to look at his face and ran away.


Oh god, oh god, this guy…

Yun Hua could not control her heartbeat at all.

She was not a 13-year-old girl. She had lost hope in men after the tragedies of her previous life.

However, Bao Si Qing…

Yun Hua really could not group him with scum like Qi Zi Heng and Yun Cong Jun!

Family status, talent, courage, Bao Si Qing would win against Qi Zi Heng in each category, Qi Zi Heng would not even be suitable to be his follower!

Add that to the sacrifice that Bao Si Qing made in his previous life…

Only could such a person be called a true man!

Responsible, ambitious, caring and courageous…


Yun Hua heart kept racing.

But she knew clearly that such a man would be similar to clouds in the sky. She could only gaze from afar but not touch.

Yun Hua took a deep breath and looking in the medicine box for something to subdue the fever.

Panadol, anti-inflammatory and medical alcohol…


When she came back with the items, she clearly saw  Bao Si Qing’s worn out expression.

But he immediately put on a smiling face, “So fast?”

“Your fever is serious, could you wounds have gotten infected? I’m not sure if panadol and anti-inflammatory would be enough. I think the best choice would be to go to the hospital or at least a clinic.” Yun Hua was very worried.


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