Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 32]


After getting her mother to agree, Yun Hua returned to her room.

She had already completed the first 3 chapters of the novel.

Yun Hua kept going through the chapters, proofreading them.

She was pleased with the title of the book she had decided upon, [Shocking Dreams in the Forbidden Palace].


Actually, there were a lot of web novels without plot outlines, let alone detail outlines.

However, it was definitely true that outlines of the plot, details and even the chapter would help with the flow of the story and reduce situations of writer’s block.

The first 3 chapters, even the first 30 thousand words require detailed review as the opening is responsible for attracting and hooking the readers.

A stunning opening would definitely be refreshing to the readers.

In the year 2006 where the crossing genre was still fresh, a mudslide crossing would be even fresher of an idea.


When the female protagonist woke up, she had become a lady of the noble families of the Manchu clan. Even though she was a medical student, she had seen Er Yue He’s [Kang Xi Dynasty]. After finding out what her surname was as well as her new family members, she realised instantly that she had been transported to the era of Qian Long’s rule!

The female protagonist felt that she was lacking intelligence and being from the modern era, she did not have any hobbies that she could talk to the other ladies about. As such, she started preparing from the start so that she would not need to participate in the selections, so that she would be married off to someone of Chinese ethnicity. As a Manchurian in that era, it would not be difficult to find a good Chinese man to marry.

However, sometimes coincidences can happen. The female protagonist was very interested in the ancient era and got a chance to offer incense to their ancestors on the 3rd of March with her mother. During that, she came across a heavily injured man in the bamboo forest behind the temple.

The guy was good looking and along with the female protagonist’s caring nature, she treated the guy’s wound, not knowing that the guy was Yong Zheng, the guy who would become the next emperor.

The plot flowed well and Yun Hua made great progress.


One good point about web novels is the great emphasis on the plot!

There is no need for overly flowery language. As long as the writing is fluent and the writer knows how to tell a story, then with a bit more effort, it would be possible to create a web novel loved by the readers.

Yun Hua had written many stories in her previous life and was skilled at combining the plot with her writing, using elegant and flowing words to tell an engaging story.


After settling the name, summary and first 3 chapters, Yun Hua started working on outlining the details of the next few chapters.

She enjoyed outlining chapters, planning for the main content, the climax and the ending. The ending is the last impression and is essential in keeping the reader hooked to continue reading onwards. This attachment to the story is very important for a web novel!

At the same time, she had to review the entire story again, ensuring that there are no contradictions in the plot.

For a novel with over a million words, these are complex but necessary effort.

Since Yun Hua decided to start, she set her goals with publishing, television adaptation, games and comic spin-offs in mind, not just the small goal of earning a little bit of money.

As such, she had to plan all the important plot points beforehand. While it increased the amount of work, it would definitely pay off in the future!


After about 2 hours, Yun Hua stretched and after a pause, decided to stand up and take a break.

There were apples and bananas in the fridge, should she get some fruits for that guy?


When she entered the attic, the guy was lying there as per usual, sleeping with his eyes shut.

Yun Hua immediately remembered him pretending to sleep.

She kicked his leg, “Hey, stop pretending to be asleep!”

However, Yun Hua was surprised when he did not react.

Looking at his face, he had turned red from sickness.

Yun Hua’s heart flew into a panic!


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4 thoughts on “Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 32]

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  2. Thanks for translating, the author of the novel probably got confused in the line that says about the Reign of QianLong, since he is the son of Yong Zheng, if Yong Zheng is still the fourth prince there, then it is still the Reign of Kang Xi.

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  3. I wonder why the author feels the need to explain the plot of the book that the main character of a book is writing? It’s even in a similar genre…

    Thank you for the chapter!


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