Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 235]


“Hua…Huahua, why are you here? You… this…”

Xiao Ruyue’s gaze shifted between He Ming and Yun Hua as she spoke incoherently. “Huahua, this-this is done by you?”

Yun Hua did not speak, instead, she smiled and took out her phone to play the recording.

When her screen lit up, she saw that there were 57 missed calls.

Yun Hua ignored those missed calls and played the recording.

“Indeed, she did not steal the test papers. She was cleaning the filing cabinet then. Not to mention, the test papers were not even placed in the filing cabinet…”

“For what reason? That’s because I promised my baby…”

Yun Hua paused the recording as she looked at Xiao Ruyue coldly. “Xiao Ruyue, you’re willing to give up your body to a pervert like He Ming just to frame me?”

“I-I, no, I didn’t. Huahua, listen to me. I did not, it has nothing to do with me… Huahua…” Xiao Ruyue was terrified.

Yun Hua suddenly laughed. She stretched out her hand to caress Xiao Ruyue’s face gently. “I really did want to let you off, but… if I did that, then who would let me off? I believe you definitely won’t, right? In the past, present, and the future… you would never let me off!”

Yun Hua bit her lips in disappointment. “I tried my best to stay true to my heart, but you’re the devil in my heart that I can’t ignore… I have already made an effort to tell myself that you’re not her, but the facts have proven that you are indeed her. Regardless if it’s the current you or you from the future, it has been the same all along.”

“Huahua, what are you saying? I was wrong, I was truly wrong. I beg you, Huahua, could you please let me leave…”

Xiao Ruyue slowly stepped back as she spoke.

She was still very clever, she had only closed the door lightly when she entered so the door was not locked.

However, when Xiao Ruyue was about to run to the door, Yun Hua grabbed her. “Ruyue, why are you in a hurry to leave? Our matter hasn’t been solved yet.”

“Ah— Let me go! Yun Hua, you b*tch, let me go…” Xiao Ruyue struggled as she intended to hit Yun Hua.

However, Yun Hua had already practiced fighting with Chu Yu for so long that even Qi Ziheng would suffer losses when sparring with her, not to mention Xiao Ruyue!

Yun Hua easily pressed her to the ground and Xiao Ruyue’s face had intimate contact with the floor.

“Huahua, Huahua, please, could you let me go… I promise, I won’t tell anyone what you did here…” Xiao Ruyue changed from cursing at Yun Hua to pleading with her in an instant. The change in her attitude was so rapid that others would be amazed!

That was the remarkable side of Xiao Ruyue, dignity and face meant nothing to her! She was the best at trimming her sail to the wind (to be flexible and take advantage of the situation), as long as it was beneficial to her, she was able to do anything!

“Xiao Ruyue, I have watched those recordings that you’ve shot with He Ming,” Yun Hua suddenly said, “He Ming is a pervert. He purposely lured or even forced you to have an improper relationship with him so, in anger and despair, you tied He Ming to the bed in the name of playing games. Then… you castrated him…”

Xiao Ruyue was stunned as she continuously shook her head. “I didn’t, I didn’t… He-he’s only bleeding, his bottom did not…”

“That’s right, I was only scaring him just now and torturing him mentally. However, only by physically using the knife to cut… could future troubles be severed. This matter could only be done by you, right? Since you have the motive and the ability to do it…”


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