Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 234]


Yun Hua moved closer to He Ming.

He Ming was already sitting at the edge of the bed with his eyes shining brightly.

Yun Hua shifted even closer to He Ming.

She had grown thinner recently so the baby fats on her face faded slightly. Her originally exquisite and beautiful facial features were even more obvious and pretty now!

Yun Hua had too many things to do so she did not care about dressing up. But more importantly, she did not care about the eyes of others.

In her previous life, she had cared too much about her appearance as she was too concerned about Qi Ziheng. However, in the end, half of her face was disfigured by Xiao Ruyue.

Currently, she was already long past the mental state where she would doll herself up for her lover. Even if she did dress up, it would be to please herself and not others.

It was obvious that she currently had no mood to dress herself up.

However, sometimes, the most natural and pure type of beauty was the one capable of touching others’ hearts.

Currently, Yun Hua was still very young so her figure was ordinary and even her height was average, but her face had already started to change…

Sometimes, one’s appearance would transform according to one’s temperament!

A person with a beautiful temperament would become prettier!

There was no smell of artificial perfume when Yun Hua got close to He Ming, only the purest and most natural fragrance of a young girl.

He Ming’s whole body was trembling, he was so excited he almost could not control himself.

All of his attention was on Yun Hua’s face!

However, suddenly, He Ming widened his eyes. His whole body turned stiff and he started to convulse.

Yun Hua took a look at the self-defense stun gun, the effect of this stun gun was really good, the only flaw was that it could not be used consecutively. However, it was enough to deal with He Ming.

It was given to her by Bo Siqing and he said it was taken from overseas. Yun Hua did not want to think about its true source, she just had to know that it was definitely not something that could be bought from the market.

Yun Hua used the cable tie that she had prepared beforehand and tied He Ming’s wrists and ankles on the head and tail of the bed.

Xiao Ruyue should arrive shortly but it was okay, Yun Hua was in no rush at all.

“He Ming, is this fun? Is it exciting enough?” Yun Hua smiled coldly as she spoke, “Do you want to play something more exciting?”

“An ice pack is very effective in making one lose all sensations, but there’s no ice pack in your fridge so I could only put your beer in the lower level… It’s not completely frozen now so the effects might be lacking, just put up with it.”

“Do you know that abroad, they would use chemical castration to punish r*pists and disgusting perverts like you? We don’t have such good conditions so we can’t do chemical castration, but we can do physical castration, right?”

He Ming, who was still unable to speak due to the effects of the electric shock, instantly widened his eyes as he became panic-stricken!

The smile on Yun Hua’s face, however, became even more gorgeous, so beautiful that it was soul-stirring!


When Xiao Ruyue entered the apartment, she was scared to death.

He Ming was lying on the bed with his four limbs tied up neatly. His lower half was naked and blood could be seen flowing from that ugly and unspeakable place…

“Mr-Mr. He, what happened to y…” Xiao Ruyue was terrified.

No one knew just what kind of mental devastation He Ming had suffered, he only stared at Xiao Ruyue blankly.

At that instant, Yun Hua appeared and placed the knife filled with blood into Xiao Ruyue’s hands.

Xiao Ruyue was stunned as she held the knife. In the next second, she was so frightened she instantly let go of the knife when she saw the blood on it and the knife fell to the ground with a “thud”!


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