Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 233]


Yun Hua almost instantly thought of a person when He Ming said those words.

Xiao Ruyue!

The last time, in the small alley beside the Sports Equipment Room, she heard a group of girls bullying Xiao Ruyue. One of the girls had said then that she saw Xiao Ruyue purposely looking for He Ming to ask him questions and even intentionally stuck close to him.

In an instant, Yun Hua suddenly felt as if all her struggles before were laughable.

She did not want to become someone like Xiao Ruyue.

She did not want hatred to blind her eyes.

She did not want to target Xiao Ruyue for no reason…

All her worries were all for naught!

That person was Xiao Ruyue! Her nature decided everything.

Just like the incident where Xiao Ruyue was bullied by Han Lulu, if Xiao Ruyue did not set Yun Hua up from the start, then naturally Yun Hua would not have retaliated and Xiao Ruyue would not have been bullied by Han Lulu afterward…

Xiao Ruyue only has herself to blame for everything!

Such as now.

She called the school’s security guards and saved Xiao Ruyue, but of course, she also informed the students to watch the show so that Xiao Ruyue would also be able to savor the feeling of being surrounded by countless eyes of contempt.

All along, Yun Hua had been restraining herself by oppressing the violent inclination within her due to her conflict with herself and the uncertainty of her reborn life.

Therefore, she had never truly taken the initiative to do anything to Xiao Ruyue.

She only retaliated every time!

If Xiao Ruyue had avoided her and transferred to another school or went to another city, changed her name, and lived a new life, then Yun Hua might not even chase her down to take revenge!

But as expected of Xiao Ruyue.

Her decision was not to dodge or avoid, but to plot against Yun Hua once again!

This time, the weapon Xiao Ruyue chose was He Ming.

What was there for Yun Hua to be conflicted about anymore?

Regardless of the consequences, Xiao Ruyue would have to bear them herself!

One would have to pay the price for their own actions, right?


“He Ming, call Xiao Ruyue over too.” Yun Hua smiled gently. “It’s not fun with only two people, it’s better to have three people, don’t you agree?”

He Ming’s eyes shone strangely at that moment. Although it disappeared in an instant, Yun Hua still saw it clearly.

“It’s really nice… to hear you call my name.” He Ming smiled. “However, are you sure you want to call Yueyue over too?”


“Alright, I’ll call her now. She’ll definitely be happy to come.” He Ming smiled brightly.

After finishing the call, He Ming walked back and directly sat beside Yun Hua with one hand on the sofa backrest behind Yun Hua, as if he was embracing her.

Yun Hua turned her head towards He Ming and smiled. “He Ming, do you like young girls?”

He Ming’s gaze became more infatuated as he lowered his head slightly and got closer to Yun Hua. “That’s right, I really like little girls like you, clean, pure and beautiful…”

Just as he spoke, He Ming stuck out his tongue and was about to lick Yun Hua’s cheeks.

However, Yun Hua suddenly avoided him.

She directly stood up and walked towards He Ming’s bedroom. “He Ming, can I take a look around your room?”

He Ming narrowed his eyes and revealed a meaningful smile. “That is my bedroom, of course you can take a look.”

After entering the bedroom, He Ming smiled towards Yun Hua and said, “My bed is quite clean and tidy right? Are you tired? Do you want to lie down and try it?”

Yun Hua curved her lips. “He Ming, you should lie down first.”


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