Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 232]


He Ming stared at that girl for a moment before immediately smiling.

“Yun Hua?” He Ming smiled.

“Mr. He still remembers me?” Yun Hua curved her lips.

He Ming nodded as he placed the items in his hand, such as his keys, on the shoe cabinet. He smiled at Yun Hua. “You should have been a student of my Class 1 so of course I remember you, you’ve left a deep impression on me.”

“Is that so?” Yun Hua smiled.

He Ming nodded again as he walked towards the refrigerator. “Do you want to drink some juice? I have orange juice and yogurt, what do you want to drink?”

“Mr. He, aren’t you curious about how I came in?” Asked Yun Hua.

He Ming took a carton of yogurt. “Yogurt then, it’s better for digestion. As for how did you come in… you’ll tell me, won’t you?”

“What if I don’t tell you?”

“Then you don’t need to.” He Ming habitually poked the straw into the carton of yogurt before placing it in front of Yun Hua. “You’ve waited a long time for me? Why didn’t you tell me beforehand so I could come back earlier?”

“Mr. He, do you know why I’m here?” Yun Hua gently squeezed the carton of yogurt in her hands.

“For Xia Qingyu, right?” Asked He Ming.

Yun Hua nodded. “Mr. He, you should be very clear about the matter of Xia Qingyu stealing the test papers.”

He Ming stared at Yun Hua for a while before smiling. “The school has already punished her regardless. What the truth is, is no longer important.”

“However, Mr. He, is it fair for you to convict Xia Qingyu of stealing with just your words? She did not steal the test papers so why did you say that she did? Do you know what it means for her to be expelled?” Asked Yun Hua coldly.

He Ming smiled again. “Indeed, she did not steal the test papers.”

“Mr. He, what did you just say?” Yun Hua was momentarily stunned so she asked again.

He Ming smiled and said, “I said that Xia Qingyu did not steal the test papers. I had arrived at the office early that day and did see Xia Qingyu flipping through the filing cabinet. However, she was not stealing the test papers. Instead, she was cleaning the filing cabinet. Also, on that day, the test papers were not even placed in the filing cabinet of the Teaching and Research Group but in the filing cabinet of the archive.”

Yun Hua frowned. “Mr. He, is what you’re saying true?”

“Yes.” He Ming nodded again and said with an extremely certain tone. “The test papers were sent there on Tuesday afternoon but I could not find the keys to the Teaching and Research Group’s filing cabinet so I told the person to deliver the test papers to the archive and place them in the filing cabinet of the archive. It was only on Wednesday afternoon that I brought the test papers to the Teaching and Research Group office and locked them in the filing cabinet.”

Yun Hua bit her lips. “Mr. He, so you mean that on Wednesday morning, around 5 am when Xia Qingyu was cleaning the Teaching and Research Group office where you had seen her cleaning the filing cabinet, actually there were no test papers in the filing cabinet then so it was impossible for Xia Qingyu to steal the test papers!”

“That’s right.” He Ming admitted easily.

Yun Hua clenched her fists and bit her lips as she looked towards He Ming. “Then Mr. He, why did you still frame Xia Qingyu for stealing the test papers when you know that she didn’t??”

“Because of you.” He Ming smiled. “I promised my baby. Originally, I wanted to find other reasons but Xia Qingyu happened to give me such a chance so naturally, I would have to make good use of it. You see, you’ve taken the initiative to come and find me, am I right? Yun Hua, you didn’t tell anyone that you came here right? It’s easier for you to come to find me yourself than for me to find you to threaten you, isn’t it?”


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