Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 231]


Yun Hua put her phone on mute before starting to search the apartment.

He Ming’s apartment was very clean and tidy, to an extraordinary extent.

The ground was spotless, the cushions on the fabric sofa were placed neatly, the teacups were placed in the tea tray and the remote control was placed in the center of the TV cabinet which was underneath the television wall, facing the television.

Some shelves were nailed onto the wall behind and the objects were placed orderly on them, from left to right, small to big and low to high.

Yun Hua pushed open the door beside the television wall, it was the study room.

Each book on every row of the bookshelf was all placed in order according to height, from low to high!

A computer could be seen on the desk and beside it was an extraordinarily thick photo album.

Yun Hua’s gaze fell on that photo album. Immediately after, she turned her head to look towards the right side of the windowsill.

She walked towards the windowsill, step by step.

There was a huge pot of lush Devil’s Ivy beside the windowsill.

Yun Hua stretched out her hand to push apart the leaves of the Devil’s Ivy.

There was a DV camera hidden inside!

It was Panasonic!

The current DV cameras have already entered the digital age but hard disk storage was not common amongst people so the most frequently used storage method was DVD discs.

Due to the storage format, this type of DVDs could save videos that were about 20 to 40 minutes, but could not be read in a DVD player. Instead, it could only be played on a camera or exported through a special software on the computer.

In reality, Panasonic mainly sold cameras with SD cards now, but since the current SD card storage was limited, DV lovers were still used to using DVDs to store videos.

The DV camera Yun Hua was holding used DVDs for storage.

She opened the DV camera.

A few minutes later, Yun Hua resisted the urge to smash the camera and took out the DVD from the DV camera.

She went back to the desk and opened that thick photo album.

The pictures in it looked normal, they were all girls between 10-14 years old and there was a number beneath each photo. The last photo was 66.

Yun Hua bit her lips as she repressed her anger and started to search the study room!

The other DVD discs were also definitely within the study room, hidden in a place where He Ming thought was safe and hard for people to discover.

Discs were quite small so where could he hide them?

Yun Hua did not find them even after searching the whole place.

She forced herself to calm down, she had to find those discs! Those discs contained He Ming’s sins and the girls’ disasters.

From the room furnishing, it was obvious that He Ming had OCD and a certain degree of mysophobia.

He would definitely not place the discs randomly, but at the same time, he would not hide them too deeply either as he would need to take them out for review frequently…

They would surely be hidden in a place within his reach.

Yun Hua sat on He Ming’s spot and she stretched her hand from the front to the back.

He Ming was taller than her so his arm would be longer than hers. Thus, He Ming’s hand should just be able to touch the first row of the bookshelf.


The first book on the first row was a thick English dictionary.

Yun Hua stared at that English dictionary for a few seconds before stretching out her hand to take it down.

When the dictionary was held in her hand, Yun Hua knew that this dictionary was not normal!

It looked like a dictionary on the outside, but the inside was empty and was filled with DVDs covered in protective film!

Each DVD also had a number…


He Ming opened the door to his apartment, as usual, after returning home from work.

The apartment was completely dark.

He casually pressed the switch on the wall and instantly the room was lit up.

However, what shocked He Ming was that there was actually a girl sitting on his sofa!


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