Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 230]


Turn sorrow and anger into motivation, this sentence was not only for show.

The atmosphere in Class 15 was gloomy as everyone was clearly feeling down, but each and every one of them were working their heads off studying!

Yun Hua looked at everyone and could not help but feel excited. Having such a group of classmates, anything she did for them would be worth it!

This afternoon, she went for swimming training as usual. 

Perseverance for a long period was required for the body to be used to such training.

She did not return home after leaving the mansion but instead, she called Ah Wen. “Brother Ah Wen, I want to borrow something from you…”

“Yun Hua, didn’t I say that you can just call me Ah Wen? Just take whatever you need, you don’t need to borrow from me. I’ll deliver it to you personally.”

After handing the item to Yun Hua, Ah Wen even asked carefully, “Yun Hua, you don’t need to do anything personally, just tell me and I’ll take care of it!”

Yun Hua smiled. “Brother Ah Wen, I’m just playing around, you’re thinking too much.”

Ah Wen obviously did not believe her but since Yun Hua persisted, Ah Wen could not persuade her anymore.

After Yun Hua left, Ah Wen thought for a moment before calling his boss Qin Qi. “Brother Qi, I have something to tell you… but I don’t know if I should tell you about it…”

“Did you get into some sort of trouble again?”

“No, no! Brother Qi, I haven’t gotten into any trouble, it-it’s Yun Hua,” Ah Wen hurriedly said.

Qin Qi paused for a moment before asking, “What happened? Speak.”

“It’s like this, Yun Hua asked me for…”


After taking the item from Ah Wen, Yun Hua directly headed back to school.

Opposite the school was the teachers’ apartment building. Yun Hua did not know which block, floor, or room He Ming lived in, but she knew how to ask!

Students would frequently enter the teachers’ apartment building to find their teachers. Naturally, there would be many students going to He Ming’s apartment.

Yun Hua directly asked the entrance guard, “Hello, uncle. Mr. He told me to bring him my class’ report card but I forgot where he lives…”

“He Ming right? It’s at the backmost block, block 6, unit 1, room 301. That He Ming often forgets things and always asks students to bring them to him. He has the most number of students coming to find him.”

Yun Hua narrowed her eyes before smiling. “Thank you, uncle.”

Block 6, Unit 1, Room 301.

Yun Hua found it quickly!

This teachers’ apartment building was already scheduled to be demolished as the buildings were all very old. They were mostly from the 1980s and some of them had already become dilapidated buildings.

Yun Hua found He Ming’s apartment.

The building was indeed very old, all the security window and guardrail were rusty, and the apartment door had obviously been used for a long time

However, Yun Hua discovered something weird.

The apartment door opposite was made of wood, which matched the old apartment, and the hidden lock was probably spoilt so a padlock was used.

However, regarding He Ming’s apartment door, even though it did not look new, but it was an iron door with a double-layered anti-theft hidden lock. Even normal thieves would not be able to pry open such a door!

However, Yun Hua was already prepared.

She took out the master key she got from Ah Wen and easily opened this intricate-looking anti-theft lock!

Because there were few news reports these years, the people did not know much about the master key.

However, after a few years, when news reports about all kinds of thefts and robberies using the master key appear, everyone would know just how useless the anti-theft door locks were in front of the master key, no matter how high-grade they were!

Yun Hua checked the items she brought with her again before cautiously entering the apartment.


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