Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 229]


Yun Hua asked a few classmates to go to the snack bar with Xia Qingyu.

Xia Qingyu did not dare to go home after that incident so Yun Hua could only let her go to the snack bar first, she could hide in the kitchen where no one could see.

The teacher-in-charge, Gu Zhun, had come too.

He also had an upset expression on his face!

“Students, don’t panic. You’ve already done well, it’s me who has failed as your teacher-in-charge. I’m very clear that all of you have obtained the grades through your hard work! I’ll definitely find out the truth of this incident!”

Many of the girls in class had already cried, such as Xiang Xinxin, Yu Sheng, and even Luo Xixi…

The eyes of the guys in class also turned red and they all bit their lips tightly.

“Mr. Gu is right, we’ll definitely get back justice for everyone regarding this incident! I, Yun Hua, guarantee it!”

Yun Hua also stood up. “I know that everyone is feeling bad now, but we are not studying for the school or the teachers, we are studying for ourselves. We should not stop working hard, we should continue studying, nothing can bring us down! If we can get good grades this time, then we can do it again the next time! We’ll prove to everyone that our grades are not obtained from cheating, it’s the fruit of our hard work!

“You can’t leave this world to the people you despise,” Yun Hua continued, “And at the same time, we should not be disheartened. All the more, we should not hand the world over to those scums! We will take control of our own fate and this world will be ours eventually! The more they look down on us, the more we should work hard. In the future, we’ll rise so high that they won’t be able to see us!”


The students of Class 15 studied as they cried.


Yun Hua and Han Fangzhou were called out by Gu Zhun.

“Everyone will definitely be feeling down in this period of time, I’ll protest to the principal and also seek out the education department… However, the results may be unsatisfactory… It’s a scandal for the school and the education department so they’ll be unwilling to make it public!” Gu Zhun stated.

Yun Hua nodded. “I understand, Mr. Gu. What were you originally planning to do?”

Gu Zhun took a deep breath before whispering, “I have a friend who is a reporter for a provincial TV station. I’ll invite him to do a special interview… but you must know that if our grades are bad for the finals two weeks later… it’ll all be for naught, do you understand?”

“Understood!” Yun Hua hurriedly nodded her head. “Our class will only get better and better!”

“Alright, I trust all of you. Just go for it; I’ll contact my friends.” Gu Zhun left after finishing.

Han Fangzhou looked towards Yun Hua. “Is this alright?”

Yun Hua was silent for a moment before she smiled. “Of course, why not! Our class was framed but we still need to keep studying. We’ll definitely achieve even better grades for the finals! We’ll use our strength to shut them up!”

“What about Xia Qingyu?” Han Fangzhou asked, “She has already been expelled by the school.”

Yun Hua glanced at Han Fangzhou. “I’ll settle it.”

Han Fangzhou looked at her and kept quiet.


One had to acknowledge that Gu Zhun’s method was very effective, having a reporter specially interview them and reveal the incident of Class 15 would allow everyone to know that even bad students could turn good.


Yun Hua was not satisfied!

The anger boiling within her could not be resolved.

Also, for Xia Qingyu, even Han Fangzhou remembered that Xia Qingyu got expelled so how could she forget?

Xia Qingyu was just too meek. If she did not settle this incident earlier, Yun Hua was afraid that Xia Qingyu might not be able to endure the pressure and do something silly!

However, to quickly settle this incident, the method suggested by Gu Zhun would not work. Furthermore, it will not avenge them! 

Yun Hua tried to calm herself down from the anger boiling within her…


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