Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 228]


The end of the second period.

The school announced the punishment for Class 15’s cheating incident through the broadcasting system.

Instantly, the whole school was in an uproar.

Everyone knew that Class 15 was a class for academically lacking students, but to actually cheat through stealing test papers…

This exceeded everyone’s imaginations!

After class, everyone who walked Class 15 would act as if they were avoiding the plague, running past Class 15 as fast as they could while pointing their fingers at the students of Class 15. 

When Luo Xixi, Xiang Xinxin, and Yu Sheng went to the restroom, they were insulted by a group of girls, causing Xiang Xinxin to burst out crying on the spot.

Luo Xixi rolled up her sleeves in preparation for a fight. However, before she could do anything, she got dragged away by Yu Sheng.

The situation on the boys’ side was also similar, however, they did not get insulted with words like how the girls were. The responses from the guys were all very positive, “How did you all steal the test papers? It’s so awesome!”

These were words that would usually be spoken in jest, but now, they deeply pierced the hearts of the male students of Class 15. 

“Scram, we didn’t steal any test papers, the results are what we got through completing the tests using our own abilities!” Zhu Yiqun shrugged off the boy holding his shoulder.

“Oh, oh, you really take yourself to be a scholar after scoring high marks through cheating, what scoring through your own abilities, hahahahaha, it’s too funny!”


The atmosphere in Class 15 felt oppressive and everyone’s mood was solemn.

Xia Qingyu was even more distressed, the school had already announced her expulsion.

Now, the whole school knows that it was her who stole the test papers.

However, it just so happened that she could not speak the truth.

Even if she said that He Ming had first made a move on her and even threatened her, so what? Yes, the females would believe Xia Qingyu as they all knew about his shitty nature, but what comes next? 

This society’s public opinion was like this: Blame the victim.

If you got bullied in school, who told you to be unable to conform to the crowd? If not, why would they bully you instead of others? It must be your fault!

If you got molested on the train, who told you to wear a skirt, put on make-up, and dress so coquettishly? It’s still your fault!

The scariest thing is, if a girl got r*ped, then there would be people saying, who told you to expose so much skin while dressing up? Who told you to go out in the middle of the night? Why did you go to places you shouldn’t go to? So all the more, it’s your fault!

That’s how public opinion criticizes victims, thinking that the victims must have problems to be hurt by others. 

However, that’s not fair!

On what basis must I conform to the crowd? On what grounds can I not wear skirts? On whose authority can I not dress up? For what reason can I not go out at night?

Shouldn’t the abusers, perverts, and r*pists be the ones criticized?

But this was the reality!

The most realistic example would be, why do the countless victims of r*pe cases refuse to report to the police? Instead, people would only incessantly and repeatedly talk about the victims even if those r*pists were caught and jailed after they report to the police. See, that XX got r*ped! Who told her to wear a skirt out, leave her house in the middle of the night, and walk through the alley? She deserves to be r*ped, if not her, then who!

He Ming had made a move on so many girls in school, but everyone bore with it as long as he did not go overboard. Why was that so?

Because once the matter gets exposed, the judgment of the surrounding people would not affect He Ming, they would only inflict harm on the women who were touched by him.

It was very normal that Xia Qingyu did not dare to expose the truth.

Yun Hua could completely understand Xia Qingyu’s plight. She had more than enough methods to deal with Fu He Ming, it was unnecessary for Xia Qingyu to become the topic of everyone’s discussion.

Rumors breed rumors, that was the scariest thing.

Originally, Xia Qingyu was only touched a little by He Ming, but if this was known by the other students and it got spread, she was afraid that the rumors might turn into Xia Qingyu got raped by He Ming in the end

If that really happens, how could Xia Qingyu withstand the verbal assaults from the public with her personality? 

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