Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 236]


Xiao Ruyue widened her eyes as she looked at Yun Hua in terror.

She understood what Yun Hua meant!

“You-you want me to… castrate him? Xiao Ruyue stepped back in panic.

Yun Hua closed in on her. “That’s right, I want you to do it! It’s okay, you’re still young. In addition, you have the videos as evidence so you could just pretend to be a victim that was forced to retaliate… don’t you excel at pretending to be the victim?”

“No no no, no,  I don’t want to…” Xiao Ruyue kept on retreating. “I don’t want to do it, what if he dies? Then I would have killed a person…”

“Relax, he won’t die. That’s how they do it for a eunuch in ancient times, there won’t be so many eunuchs then if they died so easily right?” Yun Hua spoke calmly. “When you’re finished, send him to the hospital… I don’t think he would file a report to the police as there’s no benefit for him doing that!”

“Xiao Ruyue, either you castrate him now, or I’ll call the police and hand over all those recordings that he shot with you… By then, you would be summoned by the police to give a statement and everyone would know… just what kind of things you did with your teacher-in-charge!”

“No! I don’t want that!” Xiao Ruyue was horrified and a shred of hatred could be seen in her eyes. “Huahua, I beg you. Please let me off… I promise I won’t do it again…”

“You promise?” Yun Hua laughed so hard that even her tears had come out. “Sorry, I can’t believe your promises! You only have two choices, first, castrate him. Second, go to the police station to explain how you recorded those videos with He Ming…”


Yun Hua left Xiao Ruyue in the bedroom. She walked out of the room and even locked the door.

In the bedroom, Xiao Ruyue stared at He Ming, who was on the bed. The fear and uneasiness on her face disappeared little by little and she looked at that dagger on the ground.

Yun Hua took Xiao Ruyue’s phone that had fallen to the ground, opening the contacts, and started sending messages.

To Xiao Qiuci, “Mum, I’m in Mr. He Ming’s apartment, hurry, come save me!”

To Yun Congjun, “Dad, I’m in Mr. He Ming’s apartment, hurry, come save me!”

After successfully sending the messages, Yun Hua directly smashed the phone to the ground mercilessly with a “thud” and the phone cracked into pieces.

After doing all that, Yun Hua picked up the bag that she had already prepared. All the CDs that He Ming had recorded were inside, including that thick album marked with serial numbers. However, she took out one of Xiao Ruyue’s CDs and hid it within the disc slot of the DVD recorder.

He Ming’s scream could be heard from within the bedroom.

Yun Hua did not remain there, she walked out of He Ming’s apartment emotionlessly and locked the anti-theft door. She took off her latex gloves as she walked downstairs…


When she walked to the gates, Yun Hua still smiled at the uncle guarding the gates. “Uncle, is it not time for you to rest yet?”

“Eh, it’s you, girl, have you found Mr. He and finished your business?”

“Yup, I just talked to Mr. He about the exam results, we finished speaking shortly. Coincidentally, there was also another classmate that came to find Mr. He and ask him questions so I left first,” Yun Hua replied with a smile.

The guard frowned. “What time is it already, who would go and find someone this late? I’m going to lock the gates in a while!”

“It’s really getting too late,” Yun Hua hurriedly said, “My mum is definitely going to nag at me if I return so late. Uncle, I’ll leave first…”

“Alright, hurry and return. Be careful when going back.”

“Thank you uncle, you should hurry and rest earlier too.”


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