Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 225]


Just as Yun Hua and Han Fang Zhou came out from the office, the incident of Class 15 stealing test papers had already spread throughout the school.

“No wonder the grades of those from Class 15 were all zero. Tsk tsk, they really look like the kind that would steal the test papers.”

“I agree! Those slackers had originally held their classes back, now that they’ve all gathered, they’ve started stealing the test papers.”

“I heard previously that Class 15 had started studying… so it was studying how to steal test papers! A leopard can’t change its spots!”


No one from Class 15 went to eat breakfast, everyone stayed in the classroom.

Hearing all the slander and false accusations from the students passing by, Zhan Shibang clenched his fist in anger.

Everyone else was also boiling with anger.

Others may not know, but they knew how hard they worked.

How did they study in this one month’s time? Everyone had been punished to run rounds in the field just because they did not complete their task before. The person that ran the most had even run a total of 150+ rounds, on average five rounds which was 4,000 meters in a day!

They truly put in the effort and worked hard to study!

They were clear that they did not cheat in this monthly test!

Each question on the test paper was done by themselves one by one! It’s by using the knowledge that they learned through their hard work in this one month!

It was not by f*cking cheating!

“Boohoo…” Xiang Xinxin suddenly started crying.

Actually, she was not bad at studying, it was because she had a headache from her fever during the class placement test, thus she had poor grades and came to Class 15.

She originally wanted to study properly by herself and then leave Class 15 through the placement test!

Then afterward, Yun Hua arrived, Pei Zixuan came and there was Li Qianmo too. Then with the help of the third-year senior Ye Qingmeng too, Xiang Xinxin also felt that her grades had improved greatly so she also sincerely did not want to leave Class 15!

However, she did not want the grades she had tried her best to obtain to be thought of as cheating even more!

Luo Xixi, being short-tempered, slammed the table and gritted her teeth as she spoke, “How could they say we cheated? The school had already sent two third-year teachers to invigilate so aren’t they the clearest that we did not cheat?”


Luo Xixi’s words instantly reminded everyone.

Until now, the school actually had yet to announce anything. It was unknown where the news of Class 15’s grades becoming zero because of cheating came from, but everyone seemed to have accepted such an explanation as this seemed to be the only logical reason!

Thus, when Luo Xixi said such a thing, everyone was dumbfounded.

It was impossible for them to have cheated! There were two third-year teachers that invigilated them and they had completed all the tests normally! So was everyone saying they cheated?

“So, just what happened?”

That was the question in all of the Class 15 students’ minds.

At that moment, Zhu Yiqun hurriedly ran into the classroom from the front door, as he ran, he even waved his hands. “Sister Hua and Brother Han are back!”

Class 15, which was in a mess just now, instantly sat down orderly within three seconds.

When Yun Hua and Han Fangzhou entered the class, everyone’s attention was focused on them.

Yun Hua went up to the front and looked at everyone seriously. After a moment, she said solemnly, “Everyone, don’t worry. I’ll definitely find out the truth and not let everyone’s efforts be wasted!

“Sister Hua, you have to tell us just what happened right?” Zhan Shibang asked anxiously, “Everyone is saying that our class cheated, but how is it possible? There’s two invigilators, one in the front and one in the back, and the invigilating of other classes was not as strict as ours! On what basis can they say we cheated?”

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