Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 226]


This question could not be answered easily, especially since it was related to Xia Qingyu!

Yun Hua believed that Xia Qingyu would definitely not steal the test papers as she knew that Class 15 did not cheat to get such grades, but what would other students in Class 15 think?

Would they believe Xia Qingyu?

Even if they believe that Xia Qingyu did not steal the test papers, would they think that it’s all because of Xia Qingyu?

Xia Qingyu was originally timid and cowardly, her personality had only improved slightly after such a long time of training so if she experienced the cold shoulder from the whole class again…

Yun Hua was really worried that Xia Qingyu would not be able to take it!


There was another problem now, the school obviously does not believe them and has even thought of the punishment which would be carried out shortly. By then, Xia Qingyu would be expelled!

Yun Hua and Han Fangzhou had already discussed that they would first ask Xia Qingyu about what had happened and if there were any other reasons behind why He Ming would suddenly frame Xia Qingyu for stealing the test papers!

The school has its own way of handling the incident, but they must find ways to prove themselves innocent too!

However, it would definitely be too late.

After the second period, there’s 25 minutes break and the school would announce the punishment towards Class 15 through a broadcast. By then, Xia Qingyu would not be able to dodge the expulsion…

Lies will be exposed sooner or later, so Yun Hua had made up her mind.

Just… just take it as testing just what kind of people the students in Class 15 were!

She believed that Class 15 which has worked hard for so long and doing so well… would not be a group of selfish and cold-blooded people!

Yun Hua exchanged a look with Han Fangzhou before saying solemnly, “The reason why the school believed that our class had cheated is that Class 1’s Mr. He Ming said Xia Qingyu stole the test papers.”

“What?” The whole class instantly exclaimed.

Everyone was dumbstruck.

Zhan Shibang was the first to stand up. “Sister Hua, how is it possible! We know how hard we worked for this test! Stealing the test papers… how is it possible to steal them!

“That’s right, what do you mean by stealing test papers? We haven’t even caught a glimpse of the test papers, who the f*ck would steal the test papers!”

“It’s slander, definitely slander!”

“That’s right, what evidence does the school have? Just because that scum He Ming said that we stole the test papers? Where’s the evidence?”

“Ha, can that scum He Ming’s words be trusted? All the girls in school know that that beast He Ming loves touching girls’ faces! He’s always impatient when explaining questions to guys, finishing in a few sentences. But when he explains to girls, tsk, he would almost stick onto her completely! So disgusting!”

“That’s right, how could He Ming’s words be trusted! We aren’t convinced!”


Everyone’s face turned purple with rage as they started talking all at the same time.

However, until now, no one blamed Xia Qingyu!

Yun Hua heaved a sigh of relief.

Thank goodness, she was satisfied with their reaction this time. Class 15 did not disappoint her as they did not push the responsibility to Xia Qingyu! Very good! They did not disappoint her.

However, even if other students did not blame Xia Qingyu, she would blame herself to death first with her personality.

“Everyone, calm down, I will definitely settle this.” Yun Hua walked towards Xia Qingyu. “Qingyu, come out with me for a while.”

Xia Qingyu’s face was already as pale as a sheet and she was completely stunned.

She looked at Yun Hua blankly and followed her out of the classroom stiffly…

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