Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 224]



All the test papers for Class 15 in this examination were here.

Yun Hua saw the test papers and also noticed the initial results that had been calculated! It included Class 15’s grades in the overall rankings.

Yun Hua and Pei Zixuan’s totals were still first and second of the level. Li Qianmo who was from Class 1 was lower than them by one mark and was ranked third.

Next was Han Fangzhou who was ranked the 100th. Han Fangzhou’s math and physics were both full marks, but his language and English had pulled down his total score by quite a bit.

Then the next person from Class 15 was all the way at number 185, Xiang Xinxin. The next one ranked 350th was Xia Qingyu, then 355th was Zhan Shibang, 356th was Zhu Yiqun…

What was more astonishing was that the whole Class 15 was within the top 500!

Afterward, she took a look at the individual subject grades of Class 15.

There were four people that had full marks for math, Yun Hua, Pei Zixuan, Han Fangzhou, and Zhan Shibang. There were as many as 25 people that had marks as high as 90! The average for the whole class was 85 marks!

There were six for physics, Yun Hua, Pei Zixuan, Han Fangzhou, Zhan Shibang, He Zhihang, Xiang Xinxin, and 18 more above 90 marks. The class average was 81 marks!

There were two for English, Yun Hua, and Pei Zixuan. The subject representative Yu Sheng had 88 marks, Zhu Yiqun 85, and Xiang Xinxin and Xia Qingyu were both 80. The class average was… 39 marks.

There were six that had over 90 marks for language, Yun Hua, Pei Zixuan, Xia Qingyu, Xiang Xinxin, Yu Sheng, and Luo Xixi. The class average was 73 marks.

Such a result was similar to what Yun Hua had expected but it was obvious that such a result had stung a certain person’s eye! 

Yun Hua was extremely satisfied after looking at the result list but her joy turned into anger when she looked at the three people standing in front of her as if it was a joint hearing!

“Director Wu, our test results are normal, I don’t see what evidence this is?” Said Yun Hua coldly.

Wu Lian slammed the table violently. “Do you want me to give you the result list for Class 1 and Class 2 to compare? You really refuse to give up unless you see concrete evidence!”

Wu Lian rummaged through his desk and threw the result list at Yun Hua. “Take a look at the average for Class 1. Do you see how much it is? 88 marks! And for Class 2? It’s only 80 marks! But Class 15 actually has 85 marks! Then take a look at physics, the average for physics in Class 1 is 86 marks and only 80 for Class 2! Then for Class 15, hmph, 81! Do you really think everyone’s an idiot?”

Yun Hua laughed. “Director Wu, then what about language and English, the average of Class 1 and 2 are much higher than ours, so why aren’t you mentioning them?”

“Isn’t it expected for Class 1 and 2 to be much higher than Class 15? Hmph, don’t even mention language, we’re also doubting the results for language! As for the 39 marks for English, that should be your true level!” Wu Lian scoffed, “Your average scores for math and physics are actually higher than Class 2 and only slightly lower than Class 1. Some might even think that Class 15 is the true Class 2! All those slackers in your class are all the last few in the level, how is it possible for you to have such grades? What else could it be besides cheating!”

“Just because our grades are good that you say we’re cheating? Director Wu, is that what you mean?” Yun Hua was about to fly into a rage.

“Did you not cheat? Mr. He had already seen your classmate stealing the test papers!” Wu Lian said in a serious tone, “The whole class actually dares to conspire to steal the test papers and cheat together, you shouldn’t even be called students anymore! Such a matter must be dealt with strictly! Those who lead this cheating incident would be given a major demerit while the others would be given a demerit! As for that girl that stole the test papers would be expelled! There’s no room for discussion!”

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