Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 223]


Yun Hua was speechless.

She had thought that all these security guards were to stop some attack, but in the end, it was prepared for Class 15…

Well, well, they seem overly prepared.

Yun Hua smiled. “So Director Wu already knew that Class 15 would come to find him, then shouldn’t he give us a reasonable explanation? Relax, there’s only the two of us so we won’t be able to do anything to Director Wu.”

The security guard pondered for a moment before calling Wu Lian.

After he hung up, the security guard directly said, “You can go to Vice-Principal Hao’s office, Director Wu and Principal Hao are both there! Remember, only the two of you are allowed to go, you can’t bring any more people!”

Yun Hua chuckled, she did not bother with him as she directly turned and left.

Vice-Principal Hao’s office was on the fifth floor so Yun Hua and Han Fangzhou directly went up the stairs.

Indeed, Wu Lian and Vice-Principal Hao were both in the office. There was also another person present, the teacher-in-charge for Class 1.

The three of them seemed to be waiting for the both of them.

Yun Hua and Han Fangzhou walked into the office and Yun Hua directly said, “Give us a reasonable explanation, why are our class’ grades all zero!”

“You’ll have to ask your classmate Xia Qingyu!” Wu Lian snorted.

Yun Hua was stunned, Xia Qingyu?

She had never expected that Xia Qingyu would be involved, just what does this have to do with her!

“Xia Qingyu’s family is poor so we’ve been providing financial aid by reducing the school fees and even allowing her to work part-time in school to earn living fees. One of her jobs was to clean the Teaching and Research Section’s office!” Wu Lian’s expression was serious.

“So?” Yun Hua frowned, she could already guess what Wu Lian was about to say.

Indeed, Wu Lian sneered and used a strict tone to say, “On the morning of Wednesday, five o’clock, Mr. He had come to school in advance. However, just as he reached the Teaching and Research Section’s office, he discovered that your classmate Xia Qingyu was secretly looking through the filing cabinet! It’s where our monthly test papers were in!”

Yun Hua immediately turned to look at He Ming. “Mr. He, you saw Xia Qingyu steal the test papers with your own eyes?”

He Ming looked at Yun Hua coldly. “Why, you don’t believe me? I saw with my own eyes that she opened the filing cabinet and was flipping through the things inside! Hmph, I suspect that all of you were in collusion! First, you steal the test papers, then purposely let your teacher-in-charge Gu Huai discuss with the school to send third-year teachers to invigilate! Did you think this could prove that all of you did not cheat? How cunning!”

Yun Hua’s face completely darkened.

Wu Lian’s face turned extremely serious. “What else do you have to say? The whole class actually conspired to steal the test papers and deceive the school, such foul actions! This kind of behavior is simply too despicable and they must be punished severely!”

“Where’s the evidence!” Yun Hua gritted her teeth and clenched her fist. “Mr. He, you said that Xia Qingyu was stealing the test papers so where’s the evidence? Director Wu, is there no need for evidence? Just Mr. He’s words alone are enough?”

Yun Hua turned to look at Vice-Principal Hao Xue. “Vice-Principal Hao, I can guarantee that Xia Qingyu did not steal the test papers. I guarantee that all the grades that Class 15 obtained is all through their own hard work, they definitely did not cheat! If Mr. He and Director Wu both think that Xia Qingyu had stolen the test papers and believe that our class had cheated, then please provide evidence! We want evidence!”

“Evidence? Aren’t your test results the best evidence? Anyways, Mr. He has nothing against your class so what reason does he have to frame you?” Scoffed Wu Lian.

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