Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 219]


A couple that truly did not have any feelings for each other anymore would not have any lingerings after splitting.

No matter if it was hate or any other emotions, they were all bonds formed between two people.

Only those who could not let go would have such emotions.

She had already let go of all her emotions towards Qi Ziheng so how could she still have such a strong emotion like hatred?

The moment the psychological suggestion was broken, Yun Hua experienced what great enlightenment felt like in that instant.

It was also the first time she understood the word “enlightenment”.

Such a feeling was truly…

As if she had been thoroughly cleansed!

She was completely enlightened!


She not only had a thorough understanding of Qi Ziheng but also of relationships between men and women.

Human emotions were actually limited.

Once such a limit was exceeded, it was either madness or emptiness!

She had tasted all of such emotions thanks to Qi Ziheng and attained enlightenment.

Love between men and women…

She won’t believe in such a thing again.

She really won’t believe in such a thing again!

Even when she brought Bao Siqing home, or when she recalled Bao Siqing’s identity, she was at least slightly surprised and excited.

Since, she had never thought that the nation’s hero, her idol, could actually be saved by her!

It was too unbelievable!

Bao Siqing was really handsome, he even looked better than any celebrities she had seen before.

All her emotions towards Bao Siqing were just that of a fan meeting her idol.

She had never, truly never, really never had any other emotions towards Bao Siqing.

Even during the school sports meet, she was only grateful towards him when he had saved her.

Even when he had used the recording to teach Xiao Ruyue and Xiao Qiuci a lesson, and also severely punished He Yuxiang, she only felt even more touched and extremely grateful to him!

She really did not have any other thoughts at all.

However, yesterday night…

When he said “My Huahua”, she had a dream that night…

It was a terrifying dream!

She had actually dreamt that she… she and Bao Siqing were having a wedding, but when the emcee said that the groom could kiss the bride, Bao Siqing’s face suddenly turned into Qi Ziheng’s!

The Yun Hua in the dream instantly threw the bouquet she held at Qi Ziheng’s face and ran away while holding her dress…

Then, she woke up!

She habitually started analyzing her dream. Dreams were one’s subconscious mind so to a certain degree, dreams represented some true desires that one might not even know about themselves.

When she dreamt that the groom’s face turned into Qi Ziheng’s, the only emotion she felt was anger so she threw the bouquet and ran! That basically represented her true feelings, she had no lingering feelings for Qi Ziheng.

But what about before that?

When she wore a pure white wedding dress and was saying the wedding vows with Bao Siqing, she felt shy, excited, and happy, she was anticipating this wedding…

One’s true thoughts would be revealed in one’s dream as there’s no concealing and hiding of one’s emotions in dreams. One would use rationality to suppress the desires within but in one’s dream, in the subconscious mind, such desires would be unleashed.

Yun Hua was unable to lie to herself.

It was possible… she might… really have… fallen in love with Bao Siqing!

Moreover, this was reality and not a dream!


In reality, she was just a shriveled girl who was almost 14 years old. There was still some baby fat on her face so she was still counted as pretty, but there was really nothing worth seeing for her figure.

Unlike Xiao Ruyue who was only two months younger than her, or Han Luoluo and even Shen Shiying… they had all developed very well.

Meanwhile, for Bao Siqing, he had already seen all kinds of women so how was it possible for him to like such a small, shriveled girl like her?


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