Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 218]


Back then, Yun Hua was simply too young!

Even adults would not be able to completely deal with the darkness in their hearts, not to mention Yun Hua, who was only 12 or 13 then.

She was isolated, bullied, excluded, and wronged, but no one would believe her and everyone was ridiculing her.

At that time, Yun Hua was unable to deal with such things.

Thus, Qi Ziheng, the only person who showed her kindness and saved her, became her savior!

Just like how people would believe in God or Buddha, Yun Hua believed in Qi Ziheng then!

However, Yun Hua was still too simple then as she had thought that Qi Ziheng was saving her time and time again…

However, in the countless sleepless nights in the mental hospital, she relied on recalling her memories to get through those painful times.

After recalling her memory numerous times, she finally realized!

All of Qi Ziheng’s kindness was fake!

After she was bullied, he brought her to the toilet to clean herself up and told her not to be afraid…

However, was that the best solution?

Obviously not!

With Qi Ziheng’s status and influence, he was completely capable of warning those classmates to not bully her anymore!

However, he did not do so.

He only helped her clean up before personally sending her back to the classroom, making her endure all the envious looks by everyone. The bullying she received would only become worse after he left!

Every time Xiao Ruyue framed her, he would say that he believed her but why didn’t he help her clarify if he believed her?

Also, she had plucked up the courage to explain the gymnasium incident and he said he believed her.

But if he had really believed her, why didn’t he clarify that the message of “let her prove that she has the qualifications to be his fiancee” was fake?

She had been called ‘the hair salon prostitute’ for so many years, but when she did it for the first time with Qi Ziheng, she was obviously a virgin and no one knew it more clearly than him!

However, when his stepmother used that to humiliate her, he only said “no matter what she is like, I would always love her”…

She was even extremely moved when she heard it then.

Thinking back, she was really too dumb then. If he really loved her, then he should have clarified everything when she was together with him, that would solve everything!


Actually, Qi Ziheng had never loved her, he was just playing a game. To him, she was just a toy.

She was also a toy that willingly took the initiative to go to him!


Back then, when Yun Hua finished thinking it through, her heart turned completely empty.

It’s too laughable!

The only love she had pursued her whole life, was just like a huge bubble. It would look extremely beautiful when sunlight shines on it, but it would pop once poked!

This was the ending she had after putting in all her feelings!

After being reborn, Yun Hua hated Xiao Qiuci, Xiao Ruyue, and even Yun Congjun, but when she thought of Qi Ziheng, the only feeling was that… her heart was empty.

Did she hate him?

She had loved him so blindly like she was obsessed.

No, she did not hate him.

That was because, from the beginning, Qi Ziheng had never made a move to hurt her, everything happened because she willingly let them happen…

She desired a dream, so Qi Ziheng created a dream for her.

It was a pity that she still woke up from the dream at the last moment.

She saw that she was laughable, hateful, pitiful, and tragic. As for hating Qi Ziheng? There was no need.

Between a man and woman, especially those with emotional entanglement, hate was a continuation of love.

She had already thrown away all her feelings when it came to him…

There was not a single shred of attachment or desire.

Without any love, where is there… hate?


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