Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 217]


Yun Hua rubbed between her eyebrows.

Such memories were from a long time ago but whenever she recalled them, she would still feel her stomach churning.

There was no test at all, it was just a scheme for Xiao Ruyue to ruin her reputation.

Yun Hua’s reputation hit rock-bottom in one night, after that, the pictures and rumors about her intensified.

Some even said that she would not return home after school but instead, she would be a prostitute at roadside hair salons. The descriptions were so vivid it was as if they had seen it with their own eyes!

Yun Hua was unable to convince others no matter how she explained, and from then on, she became infamous.

Even then, Qi Ziheng only revealed a slight disappointment towards her but he had never looked at her with contempt, unlike her classmates.

He was only disappointed, but his looks of disappointment were the most heart-wrenching.

In her previous life, Yun Hua plucked up the courage to explain herself in front of Qi Ziheng and he actually said he believed her after hearing her explanation!

He said he believed her!

Yun Hua could even recall her excitement and happiness from being touched then…

He actually believed her!

He actually believed her when her reputation was at rock-bottom!


Many events like these happened, and each time, Yun Hua’s feelings for Qi Ziheng grew deeper and deeper, to the extent of being crazy for him!

However, in the end, she finally woke up to reality.

When Qi Ziheng looked at her with his never-changing, gentle eyes saying, “Huahua, you must be an obedient girl. You’re not crazy, you’re just sick. Yueyue is only sending you to see a doctor and be hospitalized. Once you recover, you can return.”

At that moment, Yun Hua’s heart sank as if she had been poured with a bucket of ice water.

Qi Ziheng was still that Qi Ziheng, it was still that same gentle smile, but his eyes…

Yun Hua understood for the first time!

Those eyes were looking at a pet, at a toy… just not a human!

She, or the other girls that admired Qi Ziheng, they were all the same, they were just toys in the hands of Qi Ziheng…

In the mental hospital, Yun Hua mostly came in contact with people having mental illnesses and heard mostly about things regarding psychology.

She had so much time, thus she needed to do something to make herself busy so as to escape the pain.

She had learned quite a lot about psychology then.

She could finally analyze Qi Ziheng’s mentality!

Qi Ziheng was the kind of man who enjoyed being admired and pursued by others. He was accustomed to utilizing his gentleness and charisma to obtain others’ love and then looking at those girls fight for his love…

Putting it bluntly, all women, including Xiao Ruyue, were just toys in Qi Ziheng’s hands.


Yun Hua finally understood his nature and was enlightened.

Actually, from the psychological point of view, her unfathomable, crazy infatuation towards Qi Ziheng was just a psychological suggestion over and over again.

Qi Ziheng saved her so many times so he was her only hope and light in this dark world, thus she fell in love with this one and only light.

Whenever she encountered something bad, she would think of Qi Ziheng. Whenever she encountered something good, she would also think of Qi Ziheng.

Every time she thought of Qi Ziheng, she was giving herself a psychological suggestion.

Thus over time… Such a psychological suggestion became firmly rooted in her mind…

However, only a turning point was needed to free one from this psychological suggestion, and that moment she was sent to the mental hospital was such a turning point.

Thus, that psychological suggestion instantly lost its effects.

She was also instantly enlightened…

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