Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 216]


Yun Hua turned and looked out of the car window.

It was already late autumn and the leaves on the trees at the side of the road were falling.

Actually, there were numerous reasons why she had loved Qi Ziheng so deeply until she was unable to free herself from it!

Firstly, Qi Ziheng was different from all the guys she had seen, he was clean, gentle, and handsome.

Secondly, Qi Ziheng’s good family background and upbringing. When all the other classmates called her names like ‘village girl’ and ‘country lass’, Qi Ziheng would still look at her gently and was also very kind. He would not look down on her and all the more, he would never show her looks of disdain.

Thirdly, Yun Hua remembered very clearly, in her previous life, she was malnourished when she was in the countryside so her growth was stunted. After she had come to the city, she did not purposely alter her diet to increase her nutritional uptake. Hence, her first period only came when she was 13 and, so coincidentally, it came on the day of her birthday.

Although it was her first time, she had seen it before and heard her mother talk about it. However, only by experiencing it personally could one understand how it felt.

At that time, she did not realize that she had her period as it was not too painful and there was not much blood either. It was not as exaggerated as the rumors she had heard so she had never expected that her period had come!

She had even left the classroom under everyone’s watchful gaze while wearing bloody pants to physical education lesson, withstanding everyone’s laughter on the way there.

In the end, it was one of the guys in the class that reminded her while laughing, “Village girl, you’re bleeding!”

For a 12 or 13-year-old girl, embarrassing herself in front of the whole class and the teacher during physical education… she already had low self-esteem so who could understand the mental breakdown she had gone through?

Back then, not one person helped her, all the eyes looking at her were filled with ridicule.

However, coincidentally, Qi Ziheng had come to school to find someone then and happened to see her predicament when he was passing through the field. On that day, he wore a white shirt with a vest inside. He actually took off his white shirt and personally tied it around her waist before leaving… wearing only a tight vest.

Actually, she had already embarrassed herself and was laughed at by her classmates, using a shirt to cover would only remind everyone of her embarrassment just now. However, just because the person who tied the shirt around her to help her hide the blood was Qi Ziheng, the whole class kept quiet and did not ridicule her anymore. They just did what they were supposed to do and even people like Ling Xiaoxiao, who loved gossiping, chased after her to ask if she knew Qi Ziheng.

That was the first time. There were many times afterward, such as the numerous times when Xiao Ruyue framed her, Qi Ziheng had always looked at her with trust.

Just imagine, in a time when no one was willing to believe you, such a nice guy was willing to put his faith in you… how could you not fall in love with him?

When she was spit on and splashed paint by others, it was Qi Ziheng that had brought her to clean herself and it was him that lent her his clothes before sending her home.

When she was framed by Xiao Ruyue and slapped by Yun Congjun until her face was swollen, it was Qi Ziheng who had applied medicine for her and taken some ice for her to reduce the swelling.

Yun Hua was only 12 or 13 years old then. When she was isolated, bullied, hated, and despised by the whole world, Qi Ziheng was the only one who stood by her and showed her kindness and warmth. It was Qi Ziheng, only Qi Ziheng!

At such a young age, what would she have doubted?

She had wholeheartedly fallen in love with Qi Ziheng and was completely immersed in the sweet and gentle dream created by him.

When second year started, she came to know that she had an engagement with Qi Ziheng. That kind of happiness was something she could not reject!

That was the reason why she had done what she had done when she received Qi Ziheng’s message about testing whether or not she had the qualifications to become his fiancee…

Because, to her at that time, she would even die happily if Qi Ziheng told her to!


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