Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 215]


“Bao Siyao, get out!”

Bao Siqing could not take it anymore.

Bao Siyao immediately pouted as if she was wronged and hugged Yun Hua. “Sister Hua, just look at brother’s attitude! I came here to see him because I was worried that he would not eat his food properly… but see how he’s treating me, boo hoo…”

Yun Hua went completely stiff as she was hugged by Bao Siyao.

She then took a deep breath as she saw how heart-broken Bao Siyao was when crying. If I did not hear of those “tender and thoughtful” actions done by Bao Siyao with my own ears, I would most likely have believed that Bao Siqing had bullied her just by looking at her expression now!

“Cough, Yaoyao, erm…” Yun Hua’s lips twitched.

Bao Siqing sneered. “You don’t need to help her save face, you’ve seen her true colors clearly when you were outside just now, right?”

“Whose true colors, what about my true colors!” Bao Siyao instantly flared up. She scoffed with one hand on Yun Hua’s shoulder, “You want me to get out? I just won’t go out, won’t go out, so what? Come kick me out yourself if you can, hehe, such a pity you can’t even stand up now, you cripple, idiot!”

“Bao Siyao, you’re really looking for a beating…”

Seeing that this pair of siblings were about to argue again, Yun Hua was about to go crazy.

She hurriedly coughed lightly before looking at Bao Siyao. “Yaoyao, I think Brother Jing Xiu accepted a call just now when I was coming here. Erm, I did not hear too clearly but it seemed to be a girl and Brother Jing Xiu’s expression was very gentle… Eh, Yaoyao where are you going…”

Before Yun Hua could finish, Bao Siyao had already disappeared!

She has finally left!

Yun Hua finally heaved a sigh of relief. When she lifted her head to look at Bao Siqing… she had a complicated look on her face!

As thick-skinned as Bao Siqing was, he still could not help but feel a shiver down his spine due to Yun Hua’s stare.

He swiveled his head with a light cough, his ears and neck turning slightly red. “Erm… erm, you don’t need to worry about us, it’s normal for us to argue like this. We don’t even meet once a year but once we meet we would become like this… Don’t worry, you don’t need to mind…”

Yun Hua really wanted to roll her eyes. “Am I that dumb?”

“Of course not!” Bao Siqing instantly replied with his most serious tone. “Not only is my Huahua not dumb, but you’re also extremely smart. Attracting her attention by mentioning Jing Xiu is really an amazing idea, you’re awesome! Hehe, he’s gonna have a hard time!”

Yun Hua put her hand to her forehead. Is he that happy for Jing Xiu to get into trouble? Indeed, brothers are used to taking bullets for each other, even after taking the bullet, the corpse would be stepped on and whipped.

However, currently, her whole mind was filled with what he had said, “my Huahua”.

When Jing Xiu had mentioned it before, she had just laughed it off, but now she was unable to ignore it…

My Huahua...

My Hua…


Yun Hua did not have a good night’s rest.

When she woke up in the morning, she glanced at Bao Siqing and quickly left. She had also told Chu Yu to bring all her things as she would go home directly after training at the swimming center.

Only after the car drove off did Yun Hua have the time to recall that chaotic dream she had last night.

In her previous life, she was infatuated with Qi Ziheng, being so deeply in love that she was willing to do anything at any cost. She had lost herself and was even willing to… die!

She hated the past her.

Everyone would mature from being childish.

When she was immature, she had fallen in love with Qi Ziheng. In the beginning, it was not because of Qi Ziheng’s family that she liked him, but because he was the most handsome, gentle, and considerate guy she had seen.

He was completely different from those guys she had seen in that remote countryside in her past.


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