Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 214]


“Bao Siyao!”

Bao Siqing squeezed out the words, “Do you still want your camera? How about entering your film academy?”

“Yes, yes, yes, I want, I want, I want. Brother, don’t get angry so fast, I’m just playing with you, you’re really narrow-minded.” Bao Siyao hurriedly smiled brightly. “Which one do you want to taste first?”

“That’s better.” Bao Siqing gestured for her to come closer. “Come closer so I can see.”

Bao Siyao hurriedly brought the container in front of Bao Siqing. “Brother, please pick, I’ll give you whichever you’ve taken a liking to.”

Bao Siqing puffed out his chest. “Then, that piece of chicken meat, it looks good!” 

“No problem!” Bao Siyao immediately picked up that piece of chicken meat with her chopsticks. “Since brother says you look delicious, then you must be! However, brother, please move forward a little, if oil drips on the bed, Brother Yi Xiu will definitely know you’ve secretly eaten when he comes back later!”


Bao Siqing moved slightly to the side and stretched out his head.

Bao Siyao also fed the chicken meat to Bao Siqing.

Bao Siqing really could not eat such food now, he definitely could not!

However, just as the chicken meat in Bao Siyao’s hands was about to reach Bao Siqing’s lips…

Yun Hua silently put up her hands to cover her eyes.

She wanted to express her condolences for Bao Siqing. 

Indeed, just one millimeter before the chicken touched Bao Siqing’s lips…

Bao Siqing suddenly loosened her chopsticks and the chicken meat dropped to the ground…

“Sorry, brother, my arm just got tired, it fell when I wasn’t paying attention…” Bao Siyao gloated while apologizing, her eyes so bright with excitement it was almost blinding. She definitely did not feel any remorse! 

How could Bao Siqing not know his sister, he had been played!

Bao Siyao chuckled as she stuck the chopsticks into Bao Siqing’s mouth. “There’s still a little leftover sauce on it, lick it and take it as if you’ve eaten the chicken. Hahahaha, hahahahaha!”


Yun Hua could feel how angry Bao Siqing was even through the ward’s door.

“Hahaha, Bao Siqing, even you have such a day. You know I love eating ice cream but when I’m on my period, you would purposely take a large tub of ice cream and sit in front of me, eating it bite by bite, right?”

Speaking, Bao Siyao put another piece of beef into her mouth. “This beef is really delicious, it’s so tender and tasty. I wonder, what did he use to cook the chicken meat, it’s really fragrant and the fresh smell of the lotus leaf… It’s really too delicious…”

“Bao Siyao, do you really think I can’t do anything to you in my current state…”

“Oh my, I’m sooo afraid, what can you do besides lying on the bed like a corpse? Can you stand? Hehe!” Bao Siyao continued taunting.


Yun Hua could not stand hearing this anymore so she stretched out her hand to knock on the ward’s door.


The ward went completely silent for a moment.

After three seconds, the door was opened by Bao Siyao. She pouted as she looked at Yun Hua while holding the container in her hands. “Sister Hua, brother wanted to eat the chicken. Brother Yi Xiu had already said that brother cannot eat such food now, but Sister Hua, look at him, he just had to snatch from me!”

As she spoke, Bao Siyao even pointed at that piece of chicken meat on the ground. “As I was eating, he suddenly snatched my food which caused me to drop the meat! Hmph, it’s as if he hasn’t eaten meat his whole life, this gluttonous hog!”

Yun Hua was speechless as she looked at Bao Siyao lying through her teeth.


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