Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 213]


After Bao Siyao left, Jing Xiu finally heaved a sigh of relief. 

He was putting up a front, sitting upright and being all tensed up, but now he had completely let himself go.

“Whenever Yaoyao goes to my house for a meal, my mum would immediately beat me with her chopsticks once she sees how Yaoyao eats. If my back is even a little bent, then she would immediately slap me! You know, she would use so much strength that I would spit out the food in my mouth!”

”Cough… Cough cough…”

Yun Hua suddenly choked on the seaweed soup.

Chu Yu hurriedly patted her back and did not speak, but his eyes that were in disbelief showed his astonishment.

Jing Xiu was interrupted so he pouted at Yun Hua and, with a tone filled with pride for Bao Siyao, he said, “Such a situation would never happen to Yaoyao, her table manners are definitely text-book level, it’s impeccable! Everyone says that if Yaoyao had lived in ancient times, she would definitely be a model daughter from a wealthy and influential family. Even in the modern world, she truly is an elegant and gentle lady.”

Yun Hua felt that she really had no more appetite anymore.

Elegant and gentle lady, model daughter from a wealthy and influential family… using them to describe this little witch… but what he said is not wrong!

Also, Jing Xiu, aren’t you avoiding her? You escape at even the slightest mention of her coming! What’s with this proud tone of yours when praising her?

“I’m full, the both of you can continue eating. I’ll go and check on Yaoyao.” Yun Hua put down her chopsticks and hurriedly left before Jing Xiu and Chu Yu could react

She was afraid that if she was late, those two weirdo siblings would fight again.

When Yun Hua arrived at the ward, it was indeed as she had expected.

“Wow, the smell of this steamed chicken is so fragrant, it’s so delicious… Brother, I remember that you love eating steamed chicken, although its taste is different from the restaurants outside, it also has a distinctive flavor…” Bao Siyao was holding the steamed chicken with her chopsticks and tasting it bit by bit.

“Smell this griddled beef, brother, doesn’t it smell nice? It smells nice right!” Bao Siyao smacked her lips as she spoke.

What made Yun Hua even more speechless was that Bao Siyao had purposely left her takeaway container open and held it in her arms while wandering around Bao Siqing for the smell to spread completely.

It had been a long time since Bao Siqing had eaten food with taste.

In the first week after he woke up, it was too painful for him to think of such thoughts, but this week, he was no longer in pain so he had the time to think of delicious food. The food he could eat was incredibly bland so any dish with taste would be very tempting to him.

Bao Siyao just had to show him what she was eating…

It’s on purpose.

She definitely did it on purpose!

Yun Hua had already seen this coming when Bao Siyao packed her food and went up, she purposely wanted to tempt Bao Siqing!

Yun Hua was really speechless, this pair of quarrelsome siblings, there’s no other siblings weirder than them!

“Be a good girl, Yaoyao, let me have a mouthful of beef, who knows if Old Fang’s cooking skills have declined.” Bao Siqing licked his lips. “Let me taste it for you, I’ll go and scold Old Fang if it’s not delicious!”

“But Brother Yixiu said that you can’t eat such food yet.” Bao Siyao blinked innocently. “Brother, you’re already slowly recovering from being injured so seriously. What if your injury worsens after eating something you shouldn’t? Sigh, although I don’t like eating these, for the sake of my brother’s health, I’ll try my best to taste them…”


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