Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 212]


What did she discover?

Yun Hua really did not know how to reply!

However, Bao Siyao did not wait for her reply, she directly sat on the chair with her legs crossed, completely sinking into the chair.

“Aiyaya, since I’m found, then I don’t need to try so hard to act anymore. I’m also very tired from needing to act every time in front of so many people!” Bao Siyao snorted.

“Haha, you don’t see how bad your acting skills are, which time did you not need me to save you? And you want to enter a film academy? You can only act as a corpse there,” said Bao Siqing mercilessly.

Bao Siyao put down her leg and changed her posture. She sneered at Bao Siqing, “That’s right, I am going there to act as a corpse, so what? It’s better than you lying on the bed like a real corpse! Come and beat me, come come come, such a shame that you can’t!”

Bao Siqing scoffed, “Who’s the person who tried using both her hands and legs but isn’t able to touch even a strand of my hair?”

“I was going easy on you just now!”

“Such a joke, Bao Siyao, just how long have you not looked at the mirror? I think your skin has grown too thick!”

“Bao Siqing, you…”


Yun Hua crossed her arm, she was speechless as she stopped them. “Can someone explain to me just what is going on? Jing Xiu said that the both of you are model siblings in the social circle, so what’s this?”

“This way, it’s more convenient to provide cover for each other.”

“This way, it’ll be more convincing when we act as proof for each other.”

The former answer was from Bao Siyao, the latter from Bao Siqing.

Yun Hua was really… awestruck by the two of them!

Provide cover, proving for each other…

Yun Hua looked at Bao Siqing with a strange expression, even a person like Bao Siqing could not help but avoid Yun Hua’s gaze and turned his head, coughing in awkwardness.

Bao Siyao looked at Yun Hua awkwardly and stuttered, “Actually, it’s… we’re too smart. Ever since we were young, we already knew how adults think. As long as we behaved as if our relationship was good, no matter if it is our parents or others’ parents, they would always believe us…”

“When Bao Siqing was racing cars with others, he would bring me along and I would call the family, saying that brother had brought me to do homework at his classmate’s house, then they would not continue asking,” Bao Siqing said softly.

“When Bao Siyao goes for karaoke with her friends and drinks all night, I would follow her and tell the family that we were at a classmate’s birthday party. This way, they won’t continue asking either…” Bao Siqing was embarrassed. “However, that’s what we did when we were 12 or 13, now, we don’t do it anymore.”

Bao Siyao also added hurriedly, “Actually, we were just playing around at the start, but after the fake image had been created, our model sibling image had already been widely spread… You know that once a label is created, it would be difficult to change others’ perception of us, so we became model siblings for so many years…”

Yun Hua was speechless as she put her hand to her forehead, she really wanted to knock open their heads to see just what was inside!

Were the both of them being funny on purpose?


When eating, Bao Siyao’s actions were extremely lady-like, she put down her chopsticks after only eating a few mouthfuls. “Brother Yi Xiu, I want to bring the food up to eat.”


Jing Xiu was puzzled, but after seeing that Bao Siyao had already started pouting, he hurriedly agreed. “Alright, alright, I’ll help you pack them up.”

“I want the steamed chicken, it’s just too delicious, and this griddled beef too, this is also too tasty. This is braised eggplant right, its taste is too unexpected…” Bao Siyao’s eyes were shining with excitement.

After a minute, Bao Siyao took the takeaway container and secretly winked at Yun Hua before she left.

Yun Hua could not help but sigh, she could almost guess what Bao Siyao was going to do!


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