Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 211]


Everyone instantly froze!

Yun Hua’s jaws dropped and she revealed an awkward expression. “The both of you…”

She was actually stuck for words!

She did not know how to describe these two siblings!

“Sister Hua!” Bao Siyao, who was originally stopped by Bao Siqing with his hand on her forehead, instantly pushed his hand away and directly ran towards Yun Hua, hugging her. “Sister Hua, Brother Siqing is bullying me, boohoo…”

Yun Hua was utterly speechless.

Firstly, she had already heard from Jing Xiu that Bao Siqing had just celebrated her 15th birthday, however, Yun Hua’s 14th birthday was only a few more days away!

She may have been called “Sister Hua” by those older than her in Class 15, but that was different!

Secondly, Bao Siqing was Bao Siyao’s brother. According to Jing Xiu, they were model siblings who were well-behaved, considerate, and thoughtful towards one another, how was it possible for them to fight?

Even if they were really fighting, what use was it finding her who was an outsider?

“Sister Hua, boohoo, Brother Siqing bullied me, he bullied me…” Bao Siyao wailed bitterly. Originally, she already resembled a doll as her eyes were big, when she cried, her teardrops likened colored glass.

Yun Hua finally understood how Jing Xiu felt!

Bao Siyao’s tears really made one’s heart ache!

Who could bear to see such a cute doll in tears? 

“Alright, it’s alright, don’t cry, your brother he-he should not bully his sister!” Said Yun Hua with her teeth gritted as she glared at Bao Siqing.

Bao Siqing saw Yun Hua’s glare and instantly revealed a smile. His voice also turned extremely gentle, “Yaoyao, I’m sorry, I am in the wrong, I should not bully you, how about I offer you an apology?”

“Then promise you won’t bully me again in the future!”

“I promise.”

“I want the latest Germany N brand’s newest camera and high-powered lens.”

“Buy, use my money to buy it.”

“I want to take photos in Australia during Chinese New Year.”

“Go. I’ll tell father… fine, I’ll also speak to big brother, alright?”

“I want to enter a film academy!”

“Got it, I’ll convince grandpa.”

“Yay!” Bao Siyao let out a whoop of joy and quickly let go of Yun Hua, running towards Bao Siqing and hugging his neck. She then placed a deep kiss on Bao Siqing’s forehead. “Brother, you’re the best!”

Yun Hua was utterly speechless.

Bao Siqing, on the other hand, pushed Bao Siyao away in disgust and even wiped his forehead where Bao Siyao had kissed. “Shoo, my forehead is filled with your saliva, so smelly.”

Bao Siyao instantly glared at him as if she wanted to say something, but suddenly remembered that Yun Hua was still standing at the side, so she forcibly turned her fierce expression into a gentle, lady-like smile. “Brother, how can you not like my kiss?”

“Alright, stop pretending.” Bao Siqing rolled his eyes at Bao Siyao. “Haven’t you realized? Your true colors have already been found out, why are you still pretending for!”

“I’ve been discovered? By who? Impossible, how is it possible! We’ve pretended for 10+ years and have never been found out, how is it possible for someone to know!” Bao Siyao’s face was full of disbelief.

She stared at Yun Hua. “Sister Hua, you found out? What did you discover?”

Yun Hua really wanted to facepalm.

OMG, this pair of siblings… pretending to care about each other deeply for 10+ years, their image of model siblings that is deeply rooted into others’ minds is all an act!

How is it possible that there is such a weird pair of siblings out there!

More importantly… the important thing was Bao Siqing, he-he-he-he, how could he be a member of such a unique family!

Where did the perfect, handsome man in military uniform go?


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