Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 210]


On Saturday, Yun Hua went to the swimming center as usual.

There were no important competitions or training sessions and it was a Saturday, so members of the provincial team were off enjoying their weekends.

Only Yun Hua who did not think of swimming as her main occupation would specially come for training on a Saturday.

Fan Zitong was present too.

Yun Hua’s condition today was very good, her timing for 50 meters had improved slightly. Although it was still far from Fan Zitong’s record, she was already satisfied. Improvement was not something that could be accomplished overnight, she had to do it step by step, being too anxious might lead to opposite results.

After two hours of training, Fan Mengying suddenly called out to Yun Hua

“Have you thought of which event to focus on?” Fan Mengying asked.

Yun Hua directly said, “Freestyle 50 meters, 100 meters, and 200 meters”

The best record in her previous life was 100-meter freestyle.

Fan Mengying went silent for a moment before directly shaking her head. “I think you should focus on mid-long distance such as 200 meters or 400 meters. If possible, you could also try 800 meters. You basically have no hope for 50 meters. As for 100 meters… You could try, but it would be difficult for you to stand out.”

Yun Hua was dumbstruck.

The best record in her previous life was 100 meters and her 50 meters was not bad too.

But now Fan Mengying was advising her to give up on those and focus on 200 and 400 meters?


“Think about it first today. The training methods for different events are also different. Make your decision then tell me so I can adjust your training method!” Said Fan Mengying directly.

Yun Hua bit her lips. After a moment, she lifted her head and looked at Fan Mengying. “I can make my decision now coach, I’ll focus on 200 and 400 meters but I won’t give up on 100 meters!”

“Alright.” Fan Mengying agreed.

When changing, Fan Zitong took a look at her. “You should listen to her and give up on 100 meters. Such events that need talent is not something you can succeed in just by working hard.”

Yun Hua looked at Fan Zitong and suddenly laughed. “Then how about we make a bet. Let’s compare our results for the December S City’s National Winter Swimming Championship.”

Fan Zitong raised her brows. “What results are we comparing?”

“Our timing for 100-meter Freestyle event, then our total number of medals! I’ll sign up for 100, 200, and 400, how about you?” Yun Hua smiled as she looked at Fan Zitong.

Fan Zitong sneered. “I’ll sign up for 50-meters Butterfly, Backstroke and Freestyle, and also the 100 meters Freestyle!”

“One more event than me… nevermind, it’ll count if you obtain a medal!” Yun Hua smirked. “Don’t forget, if such a talented genius like you loses to a talentless person like me… it’ll be too shameful!”

“Lose to you? Such a joke!” Fan Zitong snorted.

Yun Hua grinned, she was in a good mood!

After finishing her training on Saturday afternoon, she went back to the army hospital again.

Chu Yu helped to take her luggage to the lounge while she directly headed to Bao Siqing’s ward.

“Oh, young master Bao is not asleep, young miss Bao had also just visited him,” replied the nurse when Yun Hua asked. “Oh, right, if you go over now, remember to remind young master Bao to eat his medicine. He secretly threw his medicine away a few times! Who would have thought that young master Bao, who is not even afraid of getting so seriously injured, would be afraid of eating medicine?”

Yun Hua suppressed her laughter and immediately walked towards the ward, the door was only half-closed.

“The nurse reminded you to eat… medicine…” Yun Hua said as she pushed open the door. However, in the next moment, her voice came to an abrupt stop. “What are you two…. doing?”

Currently, the scene that made Yun Hua dumbfounded was that of the siblings … fighting!

Bao Siqing was lying on the bed, using his left arm, which was not fractured, to hold Bao Siyao’s forehead. Meanwhile, Bao Siyao’s hair was all over the place and she was waving her arms frantically, trying to beat away Bo Siqing’s arm which was on her forehead…

They were fighting intensively.


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