Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 220]



Yun Hua even thought that if Bao Siqing really had other ideas about her, he would really… really be a beast!

She was extremely clear that in reality, Bao Siqing just liked teasing her, he had, at most, thought of her as a sister who was fun to play with, it was impossible for him to have those kinds of thoughts!

It’s because she was clear of such a thing that she had never thought of Bao Siqing in that way outside of her dreams.

That was because her rationality and instincts had already suppressed all those unrealistic ideas, hiding them deep within.

Also, this was the first time that Yun Hua confronted her heart.

She could actually… fall for a guy after experiencing such a relationship with Qi Ziheng in her previous life?

It’s impossible!

Her heart was already empty and all her feelings had already been thrown away, just how could she start a new relationship this way?

Not to mention, Yun Hua was extremely clear about her own mentality.

She was not some normal, healthy person; she had hidden too many secrets in her heart. It was hard to say, she might even become a patient who truly went crazy when she could not bear it any longer!

She would try her best to live a splendid life!

She would try her best to live marvelously!

She would take good care of her mother.

However, if she had enough of living… she could end her life anytime without feeling any regrets…

How could she be worthy of being with others when she has such a morbid mentality. 

She was like a ticking timebomb that might explode anytime.

She was unwilling to even bring such misfortune to normal people, not to mention… Bao Siqing!

She did not deserve to be with him.


A dream allowed Yun Hua to see herself thoroughly and clearly.


“Yun Hua, we’ve arrived.” Chu Yu called her.

However, Yun Hua was still in a daze.

“Yun Hua?” Chu Yu frowned. He pulled her arm and Yun Hua turned to look at him. At that moment, Chu Yu saw Yun Hua’s eyes.

Chu Yu was completely stunned for a few seconds.

Just what kind of eyes Yun Hua had?

Chu Yu could not find a suitable phrase to describe her look…

It was as desolate as the desert, there was nothing there.

He could not see any liveliness within her eyes, there was only an endless sea of emptiness…

It was heart-wrenching for him, making him feel extremely uncomfortable.

“Chu Yu, what happened?” Yun Hua blinked, her empty eyes that caused griping pain for Chu Yu disappearing in an instant, she had returned to her normal, cheerful self. “Are you feeling uncomfortable anywhere?”

“Nothing, let’s get out of the car.” Chu Yu spoke stiffly as he took their backpacks and exited the car.

Yun Hua seemed puzzled but she did not think too deeply of it and followed him.

She had already discussed with Coach Fan Mengying that she would take the long-distance route so her current training method would change.

Her training for the day was tiring but fruitful.

After bidding farewell to Coach Fan, Yun Hua and Chu Yu went home together.

“How’s Little Si?” Asked Jiang Huanqing just as Yun Hua reached home.

Yun Hua’s lips twitched. She poured a cup of water for herself. “Mum, can you wait for me to drink a sip of water before asking? He’s recovering well, you don’t need to worry!” 

“That’s great news.” Jiang Huanqing thought for a moment. “That’s right, if his injuries are not serious then won’t he be discharged from the hospital soon? He would need to go to school but it seems like it’s not convenient for his family to take care of him. How about this, ask him to stay… Eh, Chu Yu, I remember that your apartment’s layout is the same as us so you have quite a lot of rooms, and you know Little Si right? Let him stay with you, I’ll just make a little more when cooking.”

Chu Yu looked at Yun Hua in astonishment.

“Cough cough…” Yun Hua had accidentally poured a large mouthful of water into her mouth when she heard her mother’s words and choked!

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