Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 207]


This question was simply too difficult to reply.

Yun Hua hurriedly changed the topic. “I’ll go out to call my mum and tell her I’ve reached or else she might worry.”

Saying that, Yun Hua hurriedly walked out.

“Sister Hua, let’s continue chatting after you come back in a while. Could you help me take a look if Brother Yi Xiu is back?” Asked Bao Siyao sweetly.

“Alright.” Yun Hua nodded and hurriedly left.

Only after walking out of the ward did she heave a sigh of relief.

However, immediately after, she felt that her mentality was a little strange.

It looked like she panicked and ran away, but all Bao Siyao did was ask her how she got to know Bao Siqing, so why was she so flustered? Why did she run away?

Even if it was someone being flustered, it should be Bao Siqing.

Yun Hua bit her lips and was slightly depressed. 

However, just as she walked to the reception desk, she realised that she had forgotten to bring her phone. She had said that she wanted to make a phone call but she did not even bring her phone, how could she call without a phone!

Yun Hua was speechless and could only brace herself as she walked back.

She really had no intentions to eavesdrop.

Walking back towards the ward, she was extremely conflicted as to whether or not she wanted to enter. She could already hear their siblings’ voices from the ward as the door was not closed properly.

“Bao Siqing, you didn’t even call me after being injured so heavily! Do you plan to wait till you die before telling me to directly bury you in your grave!” A female voice gnashing her teeth in rage could be heard.

“Bao Siyao shut it, would someone curse one’s brother like you?”

“Tsk, brother? See how ugly you look now as you’re in such a bad condition and you still dare call yourself my brother? Dream on!”

“That’s right, I don’t have such an ugly sister like you either!”

 “I’m ugly? Bao Siqing, you’re blind!”

“Excuse me, my eyesight is something you can’t have even if you’re jealous, how many degrees are your contact lenses already? Isn’t it time to change again? Can you even see clearly how many additional freckles you have on your face when looking at the mirror?”

“Ha? So what if I’m near-sighted? So what if I have freckles! It’s much better than you stuck to the bed! Did it hurt when I poked you just now? It felt very painful right, hehe, I did it on purpose. Bao Siqing ah Bao Siqing, you also have today, why didn’t you scream out in pain just now? Tsk tsk, once you yell out in pain then your image would be gone right!”

“Pain or not, I just need someone to care for me. Unlike you, Yi Xiu who is a fake monk might even turn into a real monk after meeting you!”

“Ahhhhhhh— Bao Siqing, I’ll strangle you to death—”

“Scram, don’t you dare come closer, I’m a patient!”


Yun Hua stood outside the ward in a daze, as if she had taken root to the ground. The expression on her face… it was like she had been struck by lightning.

That… sharp-tongued voice and such wild behaviour… was it really who she had seen just now… that soft and delicate maiden Bao Siyao?

Did she see an illusion or did this world turn into a fantasy?

And Bao Siqing too… 


Just now, they seemed to have such a close sibling relationship which made others envious but, in a blink of an eye, they had started to argue so badly they were like fire and water.

“Huahua, what are you doing here?” Jing Xiu walked towards her quickly. “The food is ready, let’s go down to eat.”

Unknowingly, Yun Hua had already walked 10+ meters away from the ward. She turned to look at Jing Xiu and after hesitating for a moment, she quickly pulled Jing Xiu’s white coat. “Brother Jing Xiu, come with me, I want to ask you a question.”

Jing Xiu had a weird expression and he even said, “Please don’t ask if I like you, I am not Bao Siqing, I don’t like kids!”

Yun Hua rolled her eyes, and gritted her teeth as she spoke, “Just now Yaoyao said that she was going to use handcuffs to…”

“Oh no no erm, kind and beautiful Huahua, what do you want to ask?” Jing Yun hurriedly smiled. “I would definitely spill everything that I know!”


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