Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 208]


Yun Hua bit her lips, she seemed to want to speak but hesitated.

“Just ask away, you want to ask about Bao Siqing’s love history right? I tell you, Bao Siqing really knows how to attract girls, he’s the one amongst us that most girls were fond of…”

Yun Hua was speechless. “Stop, who is asking such a thing.”

“Then what do you want to ask?” Jing Xiu asked in disbelief, it seemed that he felt Yun Hua should be asking about Bao Siqing’s love history!

Yun Hua thought for a moment before speaking, “Why are you that afraid to see Yaoyao?”

Now it was Jing Xiu’s turn to feel uncomfortable. Even as his face twitched, he still stubbornly insisted, “Who’s afraid? I’m just.. I’m just…”

“Just what?” Yun Hua continued to  push him for answers.

Jing Xiu bit his lips and his expression turned weird. “Sighs, I’ll just tell you. My mother really likes Yaoyao, but-but Yaoyao is not my type you know? Yes, Yaoyao is very lady-like, she’s very polite and mannered, but-but… She’s just too lady-like and too gentle. She cries whenever I don’t promise her something… I just can’t stand to see her cry…”

Yun Hua stared at Jing Xiu as if she had seen a ghost.

Jing Xiu was puzzled. “Why are you looking at me like this? What I’ve said is all the truth. Say, I’m already an adult so it’s normal for me to date right! However, most of my girlfriends had been scared away by Yaoyao’s crying, am I not pitiful? My mum even said that she wants Yaoyao to be her daughter-in-law in the future. Oh my god, can’t she consider the fact that her son is already an adult? Forget about the last step but I should at least be able to kiss right, but Yaoyao is only 15 this year. In the past, I had just secretly kissed her but it was discovered by my mum and I was nearly beaten to death! How could I dare to do anything to her now!”


Yun Hua was really doubting herself.

“The worst part was, when all I did was secretly kiss her, she cried like I did something even worse! Am I not wronged! Since young, no matter what I did, as long as she was unhappy, she would cry… once she cries I’ll… I’ll tremble with fear…” Jing Xiu cried his heart out bitterly.

Yun Hua could not help but rub between her brows.

“Do you know what’s scarier? I don’t know what happened, but from last year onwards, Yaoyao just… she just started to seduce me. She’s only 15 this year and last year she was only 14. She also has a baby face so how could I even dare to have other thoughts about her, even just a little would make me feel ashamed!”

Yun Hua was completely speechless.

“Wait, you say she’s 15 years old this year? She said she had just celebrated her birthday, so it was her 15th birthday?”

“That’s right.” Jing Xiu nodded. “Her birthday is on National Day, it’s amazing!”

Yun Hua was puzzled.

It was impossible for Bao Siqing not to know his sister’s age but he let Bao Siyao call her Sister Hua…

Just what on earth is he thinking?

“That’s right, this wasn’t what I wanted to ask.” Yun Hua put down her doubt, what she wanted to know the most was which mode of their relationship was true! Was it the “deep brotherly and sisterly love” or “giving tit for tat”?

“Their relationship?” Jing Xiu was confused towards Yun Hua’s question. “What relationship?”

“Do they get along?” Yun Hua asked.

Jing Xiu replied naturally, “Of course, didn’t you see it already just now? Yaoyao is the most adored sister in our social circle, she’s definitely a model younger sister! I must tell you, she’s such a well-behaved and considerate sister who shows concern for her brother, who wouldn’t want such a sister! I’m green with envy towards Bao Siqing, how good would it be if I had such a sister!


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