Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 206]


Yun Hua’s eyes widened as she saw Jing Xiu walking in with an extremely cute girl.

It was near the end of October and Jiang province had already entered deep autumn so it was quite cold.

The girl wore a milky yellow thin sweater, red and black woollen plaid skirt with black leggings and leather shoes, and considering the weather, she should have worn a long windbreaker outside. 

Yun Hua looked towards Jing Xiu and on his arm was a pink long windbreaker!

The girl’s hair was dyed pale yellow and was shoulder length. Her hair was a cute pear blossom perm and her thin air bangs were slightly curled. She even wore a pink hairpin on her hair, her round face was white touched with red and she even had chubby cheeks!

Yun Hua loved such plump cheeks the most, Shen Shi Ying had them and so did Bao Si Yao, who was in front of her, they were just too cute!

She… could not help but have itchy hands!

The girl pouted as if she was wronged.

However no matter how Yun Hua looked, she did not see why the girl was being called the little witch at all!

She could not help but look at Bao Si Qing in doubt, was it possible that he had been outside for too long that he did not even remember what his sister was like correctly?

“Brother, I’m so sorry that I can only come to see you now. If I didn’t secretly overhear big brother calling you, I wouldn’t even know that you were injured. “ Bao Si Yao walked beside Bao Si Qing’s bed and held his hands. She expressed, full of sisterly feelings. “Why didn’t you tell me!”

Bao Si Qing smiled at Bao Si Yao. “It’s okay, my skin is thick enough so this bit of injury is nothing, I’m almost fully recovered.”

Bao Si Yao’s eyes instantly widened. “Really?”

Immediately after, she actually stretched out her hand to poke Bao Si Qing’s stomach…

Yun Hua had already unconsciously stretched out her hand in an attempt to stop her, but Bao Si Yao was just too fast. Just as Yun Hua had stretched out her hand, Bao Si Yao’s finger had already poked Bao Si Qing’s stomach.

At that moment, Bao Si Qing’s expression changed for a second, but he soon let out a long breath. “I’m alright, I’m really alright!”

Seeing that Bao Si Yao had the intention to poke Bao Si Qing again, Yun Hua could not bear to watch so she gently coughed. “Brother Jing Xiu, we haven’t even had lunch yet, could you please let the kitchen prepare some food. Bao… Miss Bao…”

“Call her Yao Yao!”

“Call me Yao Yao!”

Bao Si Qing and Bao Si Yao exclaimed simultaneously.

Yun Hua’s mouth twitched as she nodded. “Alright, Yao Yao should be hungry so let’s go and eat.”

“Jing Xiu hurriedly said, “Alright, please wait here for a moment, I’ll go ask Chef Fang to prepare.”

Before he finished, Jing Xiu fled, disappearing in an instant.

Bao Si Yao also hurriedly ran towards the door and shouted, “Brother Yi Xiu, don’t think of taking this chance to run away, or else I’ll definitely use handcuffs to lock you up!”

Yun Hua was astounded and she stood there blankly.

Handcuffs? Lock him up?

Bao Si Qing gently coughed, and Bao Si Yao instantly returned to being a cute, fair maiden. She looked at Bao Si Qing with concern. “Brother, you’re always suffering from being injured, Yao Yao is greatly worried.”

Yun Hua suddenly shivered, she could feel goosebumps forming throughout her body.

Bao Si Qing however seemed to be quite used to such a situation!

“Yao Yao, this is Yun Hua, call her sister,” Bao Si Qing directly said.

Bao Si Yao blinked, then she immediately walked towards Yun Hua and held her hands intimately before speaking sweetly, “Sister Hua, you’re so gorgeous!”

“Thank you, you are very cute too.” Yun Hua was a little unused to such enthusiasm.

Bao Si Yao held Yun Hua’s hand and suddenly asked as she blinked her big eyes. “Sister Hua, how did you meet my brother?”

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