Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 205]


Once again, Yun Hua arrived at the army hospital.

Bao Si Qing got much better in a week, the injury on his abdomen was not infected again and the blood stasis in his head was also mostly absorbed, leaving only a small part.

It was his fracture that was troublesome.

He had three broken ribs, a fractured right arm and a torn left achilles heel… these all needed a long time to heal!

“You’re finally back, hurry and take a look if it has grown on me!” Bao Si Qing hurriedly said after seeing Yun Hua

Yun Hua’s lips twitched. “What has grown?”

Mold!” Bao Si Qing said with a serious face.

Yun Hua. “…”

“What delicious food did you bring for me, such a nice smell!” Bao Si Qing suddenly scrunched his nose. “Beef jerky?”

Yun Hua widened her eyes in disbelief. “Are you a dog? You are even able to smell this?”

“Of course, my nose is even better than a military dog when outside! Hurry and give me, I want it so badly!” Bao Si Qing did not mind that he was being compared to a dog at all.

Yun Hua was helpless. “Don’t be in such a rush, I need to ask the doctor if you can eat these.”

“Of course… I can.” Bao Si Qing put on an innocent expression and looked at Yun Hua pitifully. “I’ll try one bite, just one bite!”

“Looks like you can’t eat this.” Yun Hua packed the things up naturally. “You dare to anyhow eat even after there’s a hole in your belly and intestine, hmph!”


Before Yun Hua could finish speaking, someone had choked.

She turned to look, but then again, who else could it be besides Jing Xiu?

Jing Xiu used a tissue to wipe his mouth as he laughed so hard he could barely even stand. “A hole in his belly and intestine, this is such a detailed description, the image is too vivid! Hahahaha…”

Bao Si Qing glared at Yun Hua with eyes full of hidden bitterness but when he turned to look at Jing Xiu, he no longer held back. “Jing Xiu, Yao Yao is coming over tomorrow.”

Jing Xiu, who was still gloating over Bao Si Qing’s misfortune, instantly turned sober. “You’re not lying to me?”


“I-I-I-I-I, I have to leave soon. Your remaining injuries just need you to have plenty of rest so I won’t be able to help even if I’m here. My teacher, senior brothers and sisters have all gone to the Tibetan area before I came here so I can’t be left behind either. Since you’re alright then I’ll go find them, I’ll take my leave then. There’s no signal in the Tibetan area so there’s no need to call me, bye bye!”

After delivering his speech at a rapid speed comparable to a machine gun, Jing Xiu disappeared before Yun Hua could react!

He ran away a little too fast!

Just who was this… Yao Yao? Did Jing Xiu have to be so scared!

“Bao Si Yao, my sister. Jing Xiu’s mother loves her the most, however, to Jing Xiu she was… the little witch which he feared the most!” Bao Si Qing smiled and introduced her to Yun Hua. “She’s going to come and see me.”

“Oh.. tomorrow is it?” Yun Hua blinked. “Then I won’t come after training tomorrow…”

“You don’t want to meet my sister?” Bao Si Qing looked at her seriously. “Then it’s too late.”

“What?” Yun Hua was stunned.

Bao Si Qing smiled. “That is because… Yao Yao had already set off this afternoon so looking at the time now, she should arrive almost at the same time as the both of you…”

Just at that moment, Jing Xiu’s pleading sound which seemed to be on the verge of a breakdown could be heard outside the ward.

“Sighs, Yao Yao, don’t cry. I never thought of running, it’s really true, I really did not think of running away. I just… I had just heard from your brother that you were arriving so I specially went down to welcome you! It’s the truth, I beg you Yao Yao, please stop crying alright?”

Following which, a sweet voice rang out, sounding incredibly wronged. “Brother Yi Xiu, you kept on avoiding me. You promised to spend my birthday with me but you did not appear and you don’t pick up your phone every time I call you…”

“I really am not avoiding you Yao Yao, my teacher likes to run around the whole world so I am also forced…” Jing Xiu became more meek as he spoke.

Yun Hua was slightly confused, this… this delicate and soft girl is the little witch that Bao Si Qing mentioned?

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