Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 204]


The mood became gloomy once again after the English exam in the afternoon.

They had only revised the English contents of the first volume of the first year content and did not even begin on the second year English content, so they did not recognize many phrases.

Of course, in the second year English test, they would definitely test a portion of the knowledge learned in the first year, such as article, preposition, singular and plural nouns. However such questions were few and far between, as the questions were mostly about second year content.

The reason why they could cover both the first and second year math content simultaneously was that in the first volume of the second year content, they learned triangles and geometry which did not require foundation from first year content.

But it was different for English… they were unable to learn both years’ contents together.

However, after finishing the Physics exam, they were revived!

“It’s so simple!”

“That’s right, I think it’s so simple too, didn’t we discuss the multiple possibilities of reference objects before?”

“Yup, I think I know how to do everything!”

“So you mean you can get 100 marks?”

“I dare not say such things, but maybe 90+ marks is possible…” Zhan Shi Bang was confident.

“Tsk, you only got 20 marks for physics in the last test right!”

“So what? The past me cannot be compared to the present me!”

“Oh ho, you’re so philosophical, say, how much do you think you can score for English?” Zhu Yi Qun questioned, directly touching a sore spot.

The lot of them made a commotion while playing around.


Yun Hua felt very relaxed, she was really happy and at ease in such an environment.

“Thank you,” Han Fang Zhou whispered.

Yun Hua turned to look at him. “What?”

“With our poor grades, the lot of us would usually leave directly after exams. No one would compare answers nor would we ask for each other’s expected grades… not to mention bragging so proudly that one can achieve 90+ marks!” Han Fang Zhou was somber. “It’s not as if we don’t care about our grades, it’s just that after our grades hit rock bottom, we could only pretend that we did not care.”

Yun Hua bit her lips and kept quiet.

Han Fang Zhou’s voice was extremely soft and gentle. “This is most likely the first time they can experience the joy of becoming a student. They are discussing the questions, comparing answers after the test and guessing their results just like a normal student… 

This, all this is because of you.”

Yun Hua smiled.

“I admit that hearing you say it like this makes me overjoyed as I too have vanity.” Yun Hua smiled widely. “But I really only contributed 10%. You, Pei Zi Xuan, Li Qian Mo, who was forcibly pulled in to help, and Senior Ye Qing Meng, who came of her own accord… would at least contribute 20%. The remaining 70% is due to everyone’s hard work!”

Yun Hua smiled brightly. “As our teachers have said hundreds of times, they were the ones who taught us the knowledge, but it’s the students’ hard work which decides one’s grades and indeed, it was true. The biggest contributor to their change was themselves!”

“Alright, there’s nothing more to be said, the grades would most likely be released next Monday. I’ll take my leave first as I still have to go to the provincial capital.” Yun Hua waved to Han Fang Zhou and quickly exited the classroom.

Han Fang Zhou stared at her as she left, until she completely disappeared from his sight…

In his ears rang Qin Qi’s words which said, She is the phoenix on the Chinese parasol tree, you don’t even have the qualifications to stand beside her now…

Yun Hua went home and packed her stuff. Chu Yu came and knocked on the door. “Are you done?”

“Huh, what?” Asked Yun Hua.

Chu Yu coughed softly. “The car is here.”

“…” Yun Hua’s lips twitched. “Do I really need to go to the hospital? Can I not go…”

“Why not!” Jiang Huan Qing glared at Yun Hua “Si is so pitiful in the hospital, why can’t you just go take a look at him on the way? This is a little bit of the peanut butter I made, and also handmade beef strips. Most likely he won’t be able to freely eat anything he wants, so let him slowly chew these to satisfy his cravings! Bring it there and don’t secretly steal some on the way!”

Yun Hua. “…”

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