Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 203]


After going for just one period of lesson, Yun Hua went to the villa to practice swimming.

Not only was Fan Meng Ying’s expectations for her very high, her expectation of herself was extremely high too.

She had originally thought that she was talented, but now she saw that her talent was only average in the face of true geniuses.

However, she had willpower, the willpower and perseverance that others could not even begin to compare with. She also had a desire that others could never understand, the desire to be a champion and the desire for achieving her dream!

Hence, Yun Hua firmly believed that she would succeed!

Coach Fan Meng Ying planned to let her participate in the National Winter Swimming Championship held in December, thus she had to be in her best condition. Only if her results were up to standard in this competition could she obtain the ticket to the National Intercity Games next year. The National Intercity Games’ swimming competition was also an Olympics standard qualifying competition recognized by FINA.

Only by attaining an A standard in the event she had signed up for in the National Intercity Games next year would she have the chance to participate in the Olympics! If she only attained the B standard, it’s almost impossible for her to participate in the 2008 Olympics!


Friday, schoolwide monthly examination.

The second years had Language and Math in the morning, English and Physics in the afternoon.

Gu Zhun was indeed awesome, he had successfully negotiated with the school and had two teachers teaching third years to come and supervise Class 15.

One had to know that for other classes, it was their own form teachers supervising, only Class 15 was unique. Not only was their form teacher not supervising, there were two supervising teachers, one at the front and the other at the back…

“It’s like interrogating a criminal, why do we have so many supervising teachers, and they’re even third year teachers, is the school crazy?” Said Luo Xi Xi angrily.

Xiang Xin Xin glanced at Luo Xi Xi. “Don’t spout rubbish, Yun Hua had specially let our form teacher discuss and arrange this with the school.”

“But why? To prevent us from cheating? Who is going to cheat! No matter how many times I, Luo Xi Xi, have been dead bottom, I have never cheated!”

“Don’t speak if you’re an idiot.” Pei Zi Xuan glared at Luo Xi Xi. “You think this is to stop you from cheating? Hmph, she’s afraid that the school doesn’t believe in our grades! So she had specially found these two completely unrelated teachers to supervise us. Then no matter what grades we have, it would be impossible for the school to say that you have cheated. I’m really impressed, she really acts like she’s a nanny, she considers everything for you all!”

Luo Xi Xi’s face instantly turned red, and after exchanging looks with Xiang Xin Xin, they both silently lowered their heads, their eyes reflecting the shame they felt.

After finishing the Math test and having their papers collected by the teachers, Class 15 burst into chatters. “F*ck, it’s the first time I feel that during the exam, I recognise all the questions! In the past, I knew all the words in the question but once they form the question, I don’t understand them…”

“That’s right, I-I actually knew how to do more than half the paper!”

“That question on the sum of the inner angles of a polygon, f*ck, it’s almost identical to the question types in the supplementary books Sister Hua had found for us! It’s just that there were a few extra sides and corners, who wouldn’t know how to solve it!”

“That’s right, that’s right, it’s the first time I’ve finished a paper within the exam duration! Hurry and tell me this is not a dream, not a dream!”

“Let me pinch you and you’ll know…”

“F*ck, it’s pain, if you want to pinch then pinch your body of fats!”

“Pei Zi Xuan, what’s your answer for the last open ended question? Is it 30° or 60°?”


It was the first time that Class 14 students were comparing answers after the exam ended!

There were so many first times in their life as a student for so many years!

So this was what those honor students felt when they were comparing answers…


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