Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 202]


She did not sleep too late last night.

She had gone to bed at 11pm and woke up at around 5am. Normally, she would not feel tired even if she had slept at 12am.

However, after she laid her head on the table, Yun Hua quickly fell asleep.

What was unbelievable was that she… did not have any dreams!

Instead, she was in a deep sleep…

The third period ended. Despite already sleeping through a whole period of class, Yun Hua was still fast asleep.

“Pei Zi Xuan, just what do you want to drink! I’ve bought ice water and coffee for you, now you tell me that you want to drink green tea! Can’t you just tell me all at once? Seeing me go and get it so many times is funny for you, isn’t it!” Zhu Yi Qun was about to explode from anger.

Pei Zi Xuan slowly took out his cup and poured two bags of Instant Nestle into it. “Hot water?”

“You’re pissing me off Pei Sissy, I give up, I-I-I… I don’t believe that I can’t find someone that can teach me math! Tao Tao, f*cking come here…”

“You’re Zhu Sissy, your whole family is sissy! Pig sissy! F*cking pig sissy!”

“Oh ho, pig sissy hurry and counter back, don’t be a wimp, if you back down, then you’re humiliating pigs!” He Zhi Hang pounded the table and teased clamourly.

Zhan Shi Bang looked at this group of people, feeling like his IQ was superior as compared to them. This bunch of trouble seekers, he awaited the day he could see what trouble they caused!

As expected, Han Fang Zhou suddenly stood up and directly dragged He Zhi Hang by the collar to the other side. He Zhi Hang was still stunned, he did not know what happened and why Han Fang Zhou’s expression was so cold.

Han Fang Zhou walked in front of Zhu Yi Qun and Pei Zi Xuan. “Go outside to fight.”

“Why do we have to go outside to fight, Brother Pei…” Whispered Zhu Yi Qun softly.

Zhan Shi Bang, who was extremely confident in his intelligence, pointed to Yun Hua’s position with his mouth. “Idiot, don’t you see that Sister Hua is asleep?”

Zhu Yi Qun instantly understood and put his hands together towards Han Fang Zhou to apologise. He lowered his voice and said, “Brother Han, I know I’m wrong, I don’t dare to do it anymore… Also you guys, what are you looking at! Starting from now, we’re not allowed to make noise, got it?”

All the onlookers instantly dispersed and the class became quiet just like that.

Those who originally slammed the table or knocked the chair when discussing, or shouting at the top of one’s lungs all consciously quietened down. Even during lesson, Class 15 was silent…

When Yun Hua woke up, there was a moment of confusion as to when and where she was.

She widened her eyes and was in a daze. It was not until her gaze landed onto Han Fang Zhou that she completely awakened…

Seeing that the class was empty, she hurriedly lifted her head to look at the clock hung on the side in front of the classroom.


How long did she sleep for?

Yun Hua was completely muddled. She hurriedly sat upright and indeed, her arms were full of indentation and was completely numb like another person’s hand from sleeping too long. 

“Class ended?” Yun Hua yawned and said.

Han Fang Zhou looked at her. “You should rest more.”

Yun Hua lifted her arms and only regained feeling in her arm after quite a while. “I’m not lacking in sleep, it’s fine, didn’t great men say before? One can sleep all you want during eternal rest. It’s such a waste to sleep such a wonderful life away! I can’t do such things in the future. Eh, didn’t school end already? Why are you still here?”

Han Fang Zhou pressed his lips together, closing the English supplementary book in front of him. “I was nearly done with the English homework, I was finishing it.”

“Oh.” Yun Hua nodded. “Then I’ll leave first, bye bye.”

After she spoke, she stretched her body as she walked out. As she left the classroom and was reaching the school gates, she suddenly remembered that there should not have been English lessons this morning. Wasn’t it a math lesson? And it was even Pei Zi Xuan who was in charge of conducting it.

Yun Hua yawned again, perhaps Han Fang Zhou thought that his English was weak so he wanted to study it a bit more.


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