Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 201]


To Yun Hua, all those experiences were as real as they could get, even in every scene, she could clearly remember them down to the finest detail!

All the pain, despair, mental breakdowns and torture that felt like a living hell…

She had never forgotten, and could never forget no matter what!

Earlier, when she heard what Han Luo Luo did to Xiao Ru Yue, and the tragic scream of Xiao Ru Yue, she actually felt… happiness!

She knew just how painful being bullied was, but when she knew that Xiao Ru Yue was the one getting bullied, the first thing she felt was actually pure bliss!

In the end, she still could not treat her previous life as a dream.


Despite continuously reminding herself not to be blinded by and be enslaved to hatred, she still could not break away from the hatred she felt.

Too painful, it was just too painful.

Yun Hua covered her face and squatted at the foot of the wall, just like a fish that was drowning.

Such a terrible feeling!

She did not want to become someone like Xiao Qiu Ci and Xiao Ru Yue in her past life, who would do whatever it took to reach their goal. That was not a human being, that was just a vermin!

She did not want to turn into that.

But why didn’t she want to save Xiao Ru Yue at all? She even wished for Xiao Ru Yue to be bullied even more brutally!

So this was her true thoughts that were hidden in the deepest parts of her heart?

So she had never truly wanted to let Xiao Qiu Ci and Xiao Ru Yue off…

Yun Hua gradually stood up and walked towards the field, back to the classroom building.

There was a public telephone booth at the side of the classroom building. She took out a one yuan coin and called the school’s Security Department. “There’s people fighting in the small alley beside the Sports Equipment Room.”

After making the call, Yun Hua took out her phone and login to her QQ alt account and sent a message into the group chat, “Xiao Ru Yue is being taught a lesson, she’s at the alley beside the Sports Equipment Room!”


As Yun Hua walked up the building back to her classroom, she could see many students running to the field and towards the Sports Equipment Room. There were also two security guards rushing there.

Yun Hua went back to the classroom emotionlessly.

She did not want to analyze her own heart, it was too tiring.

She was a human being, not a vermin, so when she saw Xiao Ru Yue being bullied, she reported it to the Security Department.

However, the hatred in her heart could not be calmed, thus she spread the news in the QQ group chat. She wanted to let Xiao Ru Yue taste the suffering she had experienced… Being seen naked before everyone and letting everyone know just how she was being bullied…

Yun Hua knew that it was impossible for her to be an angel.

Her heart was filled with darkness and hatred, even if she was to be an angel, it would only be a fallen angel!

Since her heart was filled with pain and violence, even if she were to put on a cheerful front, the dark abyss within her could not be hidden.

Even though she had locked up her heart with layers of shackles, the vengeful spirit of hatred could not be sealed.

In the end, would she lose herself?


When she returned to Class 15, there was a slight smile on her face, as if nothing had happened.

“Sister Hua, Aunty Jiang’s Pork Leg Rice is just too delicious, can I request for a serving of Pork Leg Rice if I get another first place…” said Zhan Shi Bang happily as he saw her.

Yun Hua’s originally vacant eyes gradually focused as she looked at Zhan Shi Bang’s face, and her smile also became larger. “Alright, but you must get first in English.”

“You can’t do this to me Sister Hua, can it be math? How about physics, even physics is alright…” Zhan Shi Bang pleaded shamelessly.

Yun Hua smiled as she glanced at him, ignoring him as she headed directly back to her seat and rested her head on the table. “Don’t mind me, I’m a little tired so I want to sleep for a bit…”

Zhan Shi Bang still wanted to say something, but with a glare from Han Fang Zhou who was beside Yun Hua, Zhan Shi Bang obediently covered his mouth and walked away guiltily.


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