Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 200]


That was the thought that Yun Hua had all along suppressed.

Back when she studied about Zhuangzhou Dreaming Butterfly, she did not understand the philosophical meaning of this classic.

When she studied philosophical idealism and materialism, she also could not understand them.

However, now, she has truly been enlightened about this phrase Zhuangzhou Dreaming Butterfly!

It was like it was grilling everyone, “Do you truly believe that the world you are in is real? How do you know if it is real? Perhaps this world is just your dream. When you die, this dream will end and you will wake up in the real world…” 

That was the biggest paradox since she was reborn.

She was very clear that those cruel things done to her and her mother by Xiao Qiu Ci, Xiao Ru Yue or even Yun Cong Jun, would not, or should she say she definitely would not allow that to happen in this life, in this world again! She would not let such things occur once again.


Should she just forget it all?

The pain and suffering she had endured in her previous life. Indeed, it was all because she was too dumb and idiotic, it was all because she had loved Qi Zi Heng so much so she threw away all dignity, that resulted in her becoming as miserable as she was in her previous life after being framed by Xiao Qiu Ci and Xiao Ru Yue.

It’s all because she desired so much for fatherly love that she would agree to anything to win favor from Yun Cong Jun!

She was stupid, she was dumb, but did that mean she should be subjected to manipulation and have her entire life destroyed?

Those agonizing tortures, hell that was a living death, and she should just bear all of the world’s darkness?

It was too painful, it hurts too much.

She cannot forget…

Mother said it was all a dream, a nightmare, it was a warning from the heavens. The aim was not for her to take revenge but for her to avoid such darkness, let her be on guard and become a better and smarter self!

Yun Hua also agreed.

Regardless whether it was Zhuangzhou dreams of a butterfly or a butterfly dreams of Zhuangzhou, she would not easily ruin her rare chance of rebirth, nor would she let hatred have control over all of her life!

She made herself busy everyday, trying her best to do everything to the best of her abilities, not wanting to waste even an hour, a minute or a second. Only then would she feel that she did not live in vain.

She made her mother divorce Yun Cong Jun to stay far away from those hateful people. She improved her circumstances at school and brought Class 15 towards a better future. She persevered in her swimming dream and restarted her path on writing novels, obtaining success with just her first book…

She had done very well already, right?

Being this busy and letting countless matters occupy every minute of her life was all to tell herself, this life was the real one!

It was to also tell herself that the current her was real, her past life was a dream!

Those things that happened in her past life were the dream!!

She also kept on telling herself that she was human, not vermins like Xiao Qiu Ci and Xiao Ru Yue in her previous life. She still had humanity, she could not punish them for something they had yet to commit or even never will have the chance to commit…

If Xiao Qiu Ci and Xiao Ru Yue scheme against her, she could strike back, strike back mercilessly.

However she would not take the initiative to harm others.

She was human, she still had humanity, she did not want to become the slave of hatred.

To the extent that she kept reminding herself that it was all a dream, those humiliation and hatred were all a dream, a dream…

She should not be immersed within, she should step out and let the sun shine into her heart, dispersing all the darkness within her. She should open up and face life with a smile. 


She even took the initiative to avoid Xiao Qiu Ci, Xiao Ruyun and Yun Cong Jun.

She was afraid that the darkness hidden within her would overwhelm her once she sees them.

She had already tried her best!


But she was wrong.

Her past life was not a dream.

It never was…

Others who have not experienced it before would think it’s a dream.

Only she knew just how real… how cruel it was…


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